LOOK: Jose Manalo falls into river twice while hosting Eat Bulaga!

Eat Bulaga co-host Jose Manalo (left) recreated his fall into the Santolan River when the cameras did not capture it the first time. He was hosting the "Sugod Bahay" segment with Wally Bayola (right) when the accident happened. 

Comedian Jose Manalo fell into a river not once, but twice while hosting live on TV!

Eat Bulaga's "Sugod Bahay" segment started with Vic Sotto calling their lucky winner named Marjorie Cuello for their June 14 episode.

This Tuesday, Eat Bulaga visited a baranggay in Malabon City where some houses are built right above the Santolan River.

Jose and co-host Wally Bayola went to Marojorie's home and found out that it was built on top of the river.

While Vic was interviewing Marjorie about their house, Jose demonstrated how residents cross the river to get to their homes. Unfortunately, Jose lost his balance and accidentally fell into the river.

Vic and the rest of the Dabarkads couldn't stop themselves from laughing upon seeing Jose in the water. Vic quipped, 'Napahanga na ako, e!'

Jose's epic fall wasn't captured on live television and the rest of the hosts wanted a detailed account on the incident. Jose granted their request by demonstrating what happened and falling into the river for the second time.

A fan named Richard Palace recorded the whole incident on his smartphone and uploaded it on his Facebook account. The video immediately went viral on social media and has garnered over 500,000 views, as of writing.





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