10 differences of Encantadia 2016 from 2005 version, based on pilot episode

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The characters of Ynang Reyna Mine-a (Marian Rivera, left) and Cassiopeia (Solenn Heussaff, right) have new costumes as seen in the pilot episode of Encantadia 2016.

Based on the pilot episode, we can see that GMA-7's Encantadia requel has a lot of in store for old and new Encantadiks or fans of the epic telefantasya.

In fact, the pilot episode is entirely new compared to the premiere of the original Encantadia that aired in 2005.

Here are 10 differences we observed in Encantadia 2016’s pilot episode that were changed or not seen during the first installment aired eleven years ago:


  1. Adhara is a new character who is interested to get all the gems of Encantadia.

In the original version, only the Hathors and the Etherians were interested to get all the gems of Encantadia.

In this new version, a diwata named Adhara, played by Sunshine Dizon, will do everything just to get the gems of fire, water, earth and air.

  1. Ynang Reyna Mine-a has now a sister named Amihan.

In the original version, Mine-a is known to be the adopted daughter of Etheria’s Reyna Avria and Haring Memen, while Cassiopeia is her illegitimate sister who is the real daughter of Memen to Ornia. This was seen in Etheria.

In this new version, Mine-a’s (Marian Rivera) family background was not explained, but it was shown that she has a sister named Amihan (Max Collins) whom she accidentally killed because of Adhara’s deceiving powers.

  1. The hope gem is now called “Inang Brilyante.”

In the original version, no name was given to the hope gem, aside from the fact that it was cleaved into four gems.

In this new version, Adhara called the big white gem as “Inang Brilyante” when she tried to steal it from Cassiopeia who is referred to as “Mata ng Encantadia,” given the fact that she can see the future.

  1. Ynang Reyna Mine-a wears battle gear.

Ynang Reyna engages in battle scenes where she wears a warrior costume. Marian Rivera's character changed into this outfit during her fight scene with Adhara.

In the original version, the queen (played by Dawn Zulueta) only had a battle scene when she tested her daughters in order to choose the next leader of Lireo. At that time, she wore a cape and hood as a disguise.


  1. Ynang Reyna Mine-a also bears magical powers.

Since she is just a child of an ordinary diwata, Mine-a did not have powers in the original version.

In the 2016 requel, Mine-a unleashed her powers during a battle scene with Adhara.

  1. Cassiopeia wears headgear that lights up when she speaks.

In the original version, a magical sphere appears behind Cassiopeia’s head when she speaks in Tagalog.

In this new version, when she’s not speaking in Nchan (previously called Enchanta), her headgear extends, becoming longer than usual. Light emanates from a circle in her headgear, which is smaller than the one seen in 2005.

  1. Aside from Gurna, Ynang Reyna Mine-a has another dama named Ades.

The 2005 version only showed Gurna and Muyak as the damas of the Sang’gres. In 2016, Muyak has not yet appeared in the pilot episode but another dama was present in the form of Ades (Ana Feleo).

Just the same as the original, Gurna (Vaness del Moral) is still the scheming dama of Pirena who brainwashes her to hate her mother and sister Amihan.

  1. Imaw now has an antenna.

Aside from the Adamyan’s more youthful appearance, Imaw also bears an antenna that was not present in the original version.

  1. Ynang Reyna Mine-a shares a kiss with Prinsipe Raquim.

In Encantadia requel, Mine-a shared sweet moments with Prinsipe Raquim (Dingdong Dantes) of Sapiro, which was never seen in the original version when Mine-a became the Queen of Lireo.

It is a known fact that anyone who becomes the queen of Lireo is not allowed to fall in love or get married.

In the original version, viewers were able to witness Raquim and Mine-a’s love story in Etheria when Mine-a was still the daughter of Reyna Avria and Haring Ornia.

  1. Sapiro now has a female general named Alira Naswen.

Sapiro’s warriors were all males during the original version of Encantadia.

In this new version, a female general is present in the form of Alira Naswen (played by Julia Lee).

Surely, in the coming episodes of Encantadia 2016, a lot of changes and new elements will still be seen as the story of the Sang’gres unfolds in this epic telefantasya.






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