Whose shoe caught fire on Celebrity Car Wars? Joey Mead, Marc Nelson, KC Montero spill the beans

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(L-R) Joey Mead King, Marc Nelson and KC Montero test their driving skills against other Asian contestants. Marc says about the reality show that will premiere on August 28: "Celebrity Car Wars is a show on History Channel that takes six celebrities from around the Asian region, puts them into vehicles, and gets them to do challenges against each other with no real background or experience in these challenges."

Six celebrities from Southeast Asia will compete and test their diving skills on History Channel's upcoming reality show Celebrity Car Wars.

Three of the six contestants came from the Philippines and these are radio/TV host KC Montero, model/host Marc Nelson, and international supermodel/runway coach Joey Mead King.

The other contestants are Thailand's radio DJ PK Piyawat Kempetch, Singapore's The Amazing Race Asia host Allan Wu, Malaysia's former beauty queen Andrea Fonseka.

Hosted by Italian-American actor and car enthusiast Bobby Tonelli, Celebrity Car Wars will start airing this Sunday, August 28, in the Philippines, and Monday, August 29, in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, History Con is currently ongoing at the World Trade Center until Sunday, August 28.

The Philippines' representatives to the reality series were all present at the opening of the first-ever convention for the History Channel on August 25, at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had the chance to have an exclusive interview with the Pinoy celebrity contestants and talk more about the show.

Nelson described the new TV show by saying, "Celebrity Car Wars is a show on History Channel that takes six celebrities from around the Asian region, puts them into vehicles, and gets them to do challenges against each other with no real background or experience in these challenges."

KC quipped, "They put us in challenges with the hopes of crashing into each other."

Nelson, KC, and Joey Mead are all known for their impressive hosting skills but this time, the three accepted the challenge of being on the other side as contestants.

During the interview, PEP asked what made them decide to join the competition.

KC was first to answer by revealing it has been his dream to join a competition related to race car driving.

The Wave 89.1 DJ said, "I have always wanted to be in a car competition, a race type of challenge so… and being, I guess, a competitive person that I am and like being asked to be [like], 'You wanna be in a car race?' [I'm like], 'Yes!' It's such a good thing."


Known for being a sports enthusiast and adrenaline junkie, Marc was up for the fun challenges. The Sports Unlimited host added, "It's a great bunch of people so I knew it was gonna be fun and it's with a great team so that's the main reason."

As for Joey Mead, she wanted to try something out of her comfort zone. The former Asia's Next Top Model mentor explained, "I wanted to deviate from fashion and with the opportunity from Celebrity Car Wars, to deal with something that was completely out of my control, being a contestant, not being a host and something that had nothing to do with fashion industry but the automotive industry. I just thought it was challenging already in that sense."

After the show, Joey Mead had one major realization. She told PEP with a laugh, "Terrible! I hated it, I hated being a contestant!"

The international model chalks it up to experience, and believes she will stick to her forte.

Joey Mead said, "I will stick to hosting but I recommend it for everybody or like for those in the industry because it really is challenge but I will never do it [again]!"

She added, "I love memorizing my scripts, I love hosting!"

Marc and KC, on the other hand, enjoyed the experience. Marc explained, "We don't have to do any work! We don't have to do any scripts, we don't have to do any homework. We just have to turn up!"

However, Marc said they weren't able to prepare much since they didn't know what to expect from the show's challenges. He recalled, "It was nice not knowing because we didn't know anything about the challenges until we got there. They would tell us zero."

The TV show host added, "So you can't prepare in any way, shape, or form. You just have to turn up which is great because you sleep at night not thinking, 'Oh my god, we're gonna do this tomorrow!' We just have to wake up and wing it!"


Joey Mead agreed by saying, "We didn’t know what was happening so really, that was the beauty of the show. We had limited knowledge when it comes to race car driving."

When asked to cite their advantage over other contestants, Joey Mead quipped, "The only edge I had was the edge of my stiletto heels. That's basically all I had!"

As for Marc, he pointed out, "Some knowledge of Manila's geography, and knowing where to go. That's about it!"

KC did some research prior to the show but this didn't really work to his advantage. The former Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition contestant admitted, "I'm not gonna lie, I did research on tracks. I did research on anything you can do behind a wheel and possible challenges. All of it, and it didn't help!"

All three of them enjoyed the the competition and agreed that the representative from Malaysia was the most competitive among all the contestants.

Joey Mead recounted, "I was gonna say, you KC, but really when it comes to competition, it's Andrea [Fonseka]."

As for the hardest challenge in the show, KC named the ATV off-road race as the most difficult one since he could barely fit inside the vehicle.

He recalled, "Everyone else seemed to love it, I hated it. It was really bumpy and quite violent so there's a lot of this [shaking] going on."

Marc Nelson also had a memorable moment on the competition and narrated, "I was set on fire while doing one of the challenges. My shoe caught fire and melted while it's still on my foot. Yeah, that was really challenging."





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