LOOK: A gathering of original and present Sang'gres

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(L-R) Kylie Padilla, Iza Calzado, Glaiza de Castro, Diana Zubiri, Sanya Lopez, Karylle, and Encantadia director Mark Reyes.

(Inset) The original sang'gres sans Sunshine Dizon, who played Pirena.


An "epic reunion" happened earlier tonight, October 20, gathering the original and present Sang'gres.

Now this is considered a rare moment by the Encantadia fans since two of the series' main stars are no longer contract stars of GMA-7.

Diana Zubiri (left) simply captioned this photo "sisters."

Together with Karylle (middle) and Iza Calzado, they played Danaya, Alena, and Amihan, respectively, the daughters of Ynang Reyna, who was played by Dawn Zulueta in the original series which aired in 2005.

Sisters ???? ???? @thisisandysmith

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Karylle and Iza both wrote in their posts on Instagram, "Missing you @m_sunshinedizon," referring to Sunshine Dizon, who played Pirena, ang Diwata ng Apoy.

Diana, Karylle, and Iza were given mini-Sang'gre sculptures by director Mark Reyes.

Awesome gift from ninong @direkmark ??????????????

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Meanwhile, Amihan, who is now being played by Kylie Padilla, was "super kilig" about this wefie with the lady who first portrayed the role.

Somebody spell K I L I G for me. I want a mini sculpture of Amihan 2.0 ??????

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The Sang'gres with Direk Mark...

(L-R) Kylie, Iza, Glaiza de Castro (the present Pirena), Diana, Sanya Lopez (the present Pirena), and Karylle.

Encantadiks missed Gabbi Garcia and Sunshine.

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The dinner for Sang'gres was also attended by Rocco Nacino (4th from right, seated), who's playing Aquil; Rochelle Pangilinan (right, standing), who's playing Agane; Carlo Gonzalez (left, seated), who's playing Muros; Cheska Inigo, who's playing Mayca.

Arthur Solinap (third from left), who originally played Muros, also came.

Missing Sunshine?

Cheska posted this photo with Diana, whose role in the present series is LilaSari, and Sunshine Dizon, who's playing Sang'gre Adhara two days ago.

The dinner was hosted by Paolo Bustamante, an advertising art director.





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