Kris Aquino on brand she endorses: "I've been with them for 6 years, longer than my marriage lasted."

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Kris Aquino said that she went on a diet before her interview with President Rodrigo Duterte. However, the Chief Executive wasn't able to come to the event. She quipped, "President Duterte, pinaghandaan kita, nag-diyeta ako ng dalawang linggo. 26 na lang po ang bewang ko ngayon. Sisiguraduhin ko pong maging 25 para sa next time na pagkikita natin!"

Kris Aquino blurted out funny and quotable quotes as she appeared once again on television.

She made her comeback via TV5 earlier today, November 11, at the Go Negosyo forum that was supposed to be her "date" with President Rodrigo Duterte. However, he was unable to attend the Go Negosyo event in Davao.

Still, Kris pushed through with the hosting event that left a mark on viewers.

Don't you just miss her too-funny-to-forget side comments?

Here are some of the funniest moments of the Queen of All Media during her TV comeback!

1. At the start of the program, Kris heard one congressman saying a good remark about her.

She asked him, "Ano yun, Cong? Halika, ikaw muna magsalita. Gusto ko marinig nila yung sinabi mo."

The Congressman then told her, "Lumipat lang, gumanda na."

Kris smiled and laughed with the audience.

2. TV5 was supposed to air her interview with President Rodrigo Duterte. However, the President begged off due to sickness. "Minsan, ang first date, hindi natutuloy."


Kris then revealed that she went on a diet as part of her preparation.

"President Duterte, pinaghandaan kita, nag-diyeta ako ng dalawang linggo. 26 [inches] na lang po ang bewang ko ngayon. Sisiguraduhin ko pong maging 25 para sa next time na pagkikita natin!"

She made an appeal to the President:

"President Duterte, please give me a chance. I hope one day, mamahalin mo rin ako."

3. The owner of Calamansi Juice concentrate Fresco revealed that his product was able to get good exposure through the Department of Trade and Industry.

Kris asked, "Kailan nangyari 'yon?"

The owner then answered three years ago.

She then quipped, much to the delight of the audience. "Three years ago? Sa administrasyon nino?"

She hinted that the public should not forget the good things that happened during the term of her brother, former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.

The youngest sister of Noynoy continued, "Wala lang. Wag naman natin kalimutan, di ba?


4. When Kris introduced Santi Araneta from LBC, she described him by saying, "Siya ang may-ari ng LBC, very generous, kaka-renew lang sa akin."

She complimented her boss's generosity when he mentioned their competitor. "You're very generous! Kahit yung competitor mo, binanggit mo! Ang bongga ng LBC!"

The TV host also reminded everyone, "Tigilan na natin yung kayo kayo, tayo tayo, dapat sama sama tayong lahat."

5. Upon meeting a warden named Connie, Kris told her, "Hi Connie, parang dumami siguro ang mga alaga mo. Hindi alam ni Presidente kung ano-anong pinagsasasabi ko!"


6. At one point, Kris interviewed Luis, a man who grows chili peppers for a living.

She first asked, "May asawa ka ba, Luis?"

When the audience laughed, she clarified, "Question lang naman!"

She then continued, "Happy ka? Faithful ka naman sa kanya? Siguro napakahappy ng buhay niyo dahil mahilig ka sa sili."

7. When Kris called the owner of Bounty Fresh, he told her, "It's the first time we've met."

She replied, "Hindi mo pa ako kilala kasi hindi mo ko kinuha, Magnolia kumuha sa akin."

When Mr. Tennyson Chen said, 'Next time,' Kris responded with "Yeah." But Kris took it back by pointing out another company that she endorses, "Hindi pwede kasi Chowking Fried Chicken!"

8. Go Negosyo's Joey Concepcion explained that President Duterte was unable to attend since he had a migraine.

Kris then said, "Maybe I have that effect on some men, mina-migraine talaga sila sa akin!"

9. When Joey, who is also the owner of Fiesta Noodles, said that Kris is the leading endorser in the country, she proudly said that she has been with his company for the longest time.


"I've been with them for six years, longer than my marriage lasted."

It will be recalled that Kris and James Yap ended their marriage after five years.

10. A farm owner asked Kris if she can serve as their endorser. Of course, she said yes.

Kris quipped: "Para yung mga farmers hindi na galit sa amin. I want to be friends with the world. See! Si President Duterte doesn't know what he's missing."

The owner even promised to name a melon after Kris. She enthused, "Meron nang melon after me! Nandiyan po si Boy Abunda, pwedeng pag-usapan. Exciting!"

11. As the program wrapped up, it was mentioned that President Duterte's meeting with Kris will happen in the future.

However, Kris said, "Ako naman ang hindi aattend!"

She immediately clarified, "It’s a joke!"

12. At the end of the forum, the Queen of Talk apologized that her "date" with President Duterte did not happen. "I apologize again that the date, hindi natuloy."


She expressed hope that their interview will take place soon. "I was stood up but the next time, he realized it was fun, sisipot na siya!"





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