Fil-Am teen Chrisha Choo might be joining Sandara Park's talent agency

IMAGE Courtesy of SBS Now

Filipino-American teen Chrisha Choo performed Izi's "Emergency Room" and Ariana Grande's "Docus" during the ranking auditions round of K-Pop Star 6.

Filipino-American teen Chrisha Choo gave another impressive performance in the latest episode of the South Korean talent competition KPOP Star 6.

Kriesha Tiu in real life, the aspiring K-pop artist shined during the second round of auditions aired last Monday, December 19.

The show's judges—JYP Entertainment's Park Jin Young, YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk, and Antenna Music's Yoo Hee Yeol—commended Chrisha's version of "Emergency Room" by Izi and dance number to the tune of "Focus" by Ariana Grande.

JYP Entertainment's Park Jin Young was first to give his comment and noted that the Fil-Am aspiring performer is already a "star."

Jin Young told the contestant, "Chrisha, you are really like a star. When you sing and dance, you look like a star. That's more important than how well you sing or dance. When you sing and dance, you act like a star. You glow, somehow."

For his part, YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk already wants to sign-up Chrisha for his talent agency.

He said, "I know I should show my personal favorites but I said I wanted to bring you to my agency when I saw you for the first time. I'd like to meet you CEO."

He added, "That's how much I want to hire you."

YG Entertainment is the home of some of the biggest K-Pop acts including Big Bang, Black Pink, and CL and Sandara Park, formerly from the girl group 2NE1.

The talent manager/music producer went on to praise her choice of song, noting that she performed well given that she didn't grow up speaking the Korean language.

Hyun Suk told her, "First of all, you sing very well. Even though, she didn't listen to Korean songs while growing up, she sang a Korean song very well, and she understood the nature of the genre. It's easy to tell when you hear people sing."


One thing he did notice is her pronunciation of the word "love" in Korean, which is quite common in some of their songs. He later added, "Other than that, your performance was perfect."

Meanwhile, Hee Yeol was charmed by the way the Fil-Am teen expressed herself. He told Chrisha, "I love your facial expressions."





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