Eula Valdes joins Encantadia as Etheria Queen Avria

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Eula Valdes is cast as Queen Avria in the requel of Encantadia. The role was first played by Francine Prieto in the 2005 version (inset).

The actress playing Avria in the requel of Encantadia has finally been revealed.

She is none other than veteran actress Eula Valdes.

This was disclosed in the teaser aired on the telefantasya last night, February 22.

GMA-7 uploaded a teaser on Encantadia’s Facebook account confirming that Eula is the new Avria.

In the original version, Avria was played by Francine Prieto and appeared in the second book of Encantadia titled Etheria: Ang Ikalimang Kaharian ng Encantadia.


The Queen of Etheria also serves as the righthand of Bathalumang Ether.

Initially, Avria was shown as a person with a pair of glowing eyes. 

Her soul entered the body of Cassiopea (Solenn Heussaff) and wreaked havoc in the quiet lives of the Sang’gres Pirena (Glaiza de Castro), Alena (Gabbi Garcia), Lira (Mikee Quintos), Mira (Kate Valdez), and Queen Danaya (Sanya Lopez).

Avria tried to steal all the gems through Cassiopea’s body but ended up only getting the “brilyante ng diwa” or the white diamond-shaped gem.

Bathalumang Ether used this brilyante to return Avria’s soul to her body.

Unlike other major characters introduced in the requel, Eula was not part of the original Encantadia aired in 2005.


Prior to joining the telefantasya, Eula was last seen in the afternoon series Hahamakin Ang Lahat which ended just last Friday, February 17.

Meanwhile, another Heran (or Etherian royalty) named Andora also appeared in this new version, now being played by Rochelle Pangilinan.

Rochelle was previously cast as Agane but her character was killed. Ether then used her body for Andora’s spirit.

In the original version, Andora was portrayed by Alessandra de Rossi.

Viewers are wondering if the other Herans, Juvila and Odessa, will also be part of the requel.

In the past, Juvila was played by Jopay Paguia while Pauleen Luna brought life to Odessa.


In an exclusive (Philippine Entertainment Portal) interview with creator Suzette Doctolero last July, she said that the Etheria storyline will not be part of this requel.

She mentioned that information about the Etheria kingdom will be retained in the first chapter of the 2016 version.

However, it seems like Etheria is indeed making a comeback in the GMA-7 primetime series.


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