These hilarious Goblin parody videos will make your day

Emman Nimedez (right) is dubbed as the Pambansang Oppa for his parody videos inspired by Goblin, which stars Gong Yoo (left).

Korean star Gong Yoo once again became a hot topic in the Philippines.
After gaining fame for his tension-filled zombie apocalypse movie Train To Busan, Gong Yoo caught the interest of Filipino viewers for his supernatural series Goblin.

This K-drama, which is currently being aired on ABS-CBN, has consistently become a trending topic on Twitter.

Emman Nimedez, a Broadcast Communication student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, has become a social media phenomenon by releasing viral Goblin parody videos.

Dubbed as the “Pambansang Oppa,” Emman released the videos on his Facebook account. The first video registered over 693,000 views while the second video has already reached 2.4 million views.

Goblin is a fantasy series about a 939-year-old immortal goblin (played by Gong Yoo). He is searching for the goblin's bride, the only person who can end his curse of eternal life by removing an invisible sword on his chest.

Here are the hilarious Goblin parody videos will make your day:


The #RainScenesParody is made even more dramatic with slow-mo effects!

Since buckwheat flowers are not readily available in the country, Emman replaced them with..sitaw!

Here's the original clip of Goblin so you can compare:

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