Joey Mead on spouse Angelina Mead King: "I want her. I want to make this work."

Joey Mead (right) revealed that she was so frustrated at one point that she was "throwing plates against the wall!" She will appear with spouse Angelina Mead King (left) in a TV special titled The Kings.

A year after their explosive revelation, Angelina Mead King and Joey Mead will give a tell-all interview on cable television about their unconventional marriage.

Previously known as Ian Angelo King, the car connoisseur is now a transgender woman nicknamed Angie.

Why did it take so long for them to open up about their setup?

“When Angie came out, there were several offers," admitted Joey Mead in an interview with ABS-CBN News published on June 6.

"Working in television, I just kind of knew that it didn’t feel right...It had to be done a certain way.”

Angie also pointed out: “We didn’t want to be exploited.”

The TV special titled The Kings even showed how a group tried to take advantage of the couple.

Angie, whose family owns Victoria Court, said they agreed to open up on air for a cause.

“We’re not making any money from this. We waived our talent fee… I mean, we’re doing this to get the word out, get the message out.”

What is the message that they want to impart to viewers?

Joey answered, “Positivity… That’s hopefully what the audience gets out of it.

"That it’s not really a big deal, is it? It’s not that strange… [our
relationship] can work for anybody.”

After coming out as a transgender, Angie says one of the biggest challenges has been losing her privacy.

“The hardest part of doing something like this and putting myself out there is not having privacy anymore… It’s tricky because I want to live a normal life but now I’m sort of the poster child for this topic.”

Mead revealed that she was so frustrated at one point that she was "throwing plates against the wall!"

The mentor and judge of Asia’s Next Top Model has been married to Angie since 2011.


“It was really hard… the last two years was hard… but I’m glad I went through that.

“And if it wasn’t for our family’s support and counseling and spiritual awareness [we wouldn’t have worked things out].”

“I mean, hello, of course it’s hard… if you say, ‘I don’t want this, this is not for me,’ you’ve made a decision. But the thing is, I want her. I want to make this work.”

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