Here's what sets apart Maja Salvador from other TV brides


Maja Salvador is the first TV bride who will wear a black wedding gown. She will be seen wearing this during her wedding scene in Wildflower.

For the first time in Philippine television, a bride will be seen walking down the aisle in a black wedding gown.

This will happen on Wednesday, August 9, as Maja Salvador's character gets married in the ABS-CBN early primetime series Wildflower.

Ivy is set to tie the knot with Arnaldo Ardiente Torillo, played by RK Bagatsing.

Wildflower's official website uploaded behind-the-scenes photos of Maja wearing her stunning black wedding gown. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) sought the help of RSB Drama Unit's Advertising and Promo head Carlough Hermano to get a few details about this TV event, which is dubbed as the "Wildest Wedding of the Year."

RSB Drama Unit, helmed by business unit head Ruel S. Bayani, is the unit that produces Wildflower.

According to Carlough, Ivy's wedding gown is designed by Val Taguba.

The idea of Ivy wearing a black wedding gown came from business unit head Ruel Bayani and the show's creative team headed by creative manager Willy Laconsay and head writer Carmela Abaygar.

The Ardiente family, as expected, is present at the Aguas-Torillo nuptials.

Arnaldo's mom Emilia Ardiente-Torillo, played by Aiko Melendez, organized Ivy's bridal shower.

She almost pushed Ivy into a swimming pool but instead, Ivy jumped with Emilia into the pool!

Emilia's gown is designed by Neric Beltran.

Julio Ardiente (Tirso Cruz III), Raul Torillo (Wendell Ramos), and Arnaldo also wore Barong Tagalog pieces from Neric Beltran.

The wedding, according to Carlough, was held in an events place located in Silang, Cavite.

When a teaser aired about Wildflower's Wildest Wedding of the Year, netizens in Twitter were both in shock and in awe upon seeing Maja wearing a black wedding gown.

Meanwhile, Maja posted her snapshot with her groom and invited everyone to witness Ivy and Arnaldo's wedding.


She wrote, "Imbitado ka sa kasalang ARNALDO at IVY ngayon August 9 2017 #WildflowerWildestWedding #IvyAguasTheBrideInBlack"

When PEP asked Carlough what viewers should look forward to Wildflower's wedding scene, he only said, "Is it an I do or I don't?"





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