Matteo Guidicelli declares, "My Sarah's never gonna leave me."

IMAGE Noel Orsal (Matteo) / Allan Sancon (Sarah)

Sarah Geronimo was spotted watching Matteo Guidicelli at his Hey Matteo concert at the KIA Theater.

Sarah Geronimo showed her support for Matteo Guidicelli by staying in the audience area last night, November 30, during his Hey Matteo concert held at the KIA Theater.

During this event, Martin Nievera dubbed Matteo as his "younger version."

Here are 3 times when Matteo brought kilig at Hey Matteo:

3. Matteo admits he hurts the people he loves but he makes it a point to make it up to them.

The Star Magic actor admitted, "We all want to be the Supermans of our family, we all want to be the Supermans of the person we love, our brother, our sister, our mom, our dad, our boyfriends, our girlfriends. We try everyday. We fall most of the time but the most important part is that we stand up and do it again.

"I think the person I love so much cried but that's life, you fall but you stand you."

He then serenaded the crowd with his rendition of "Superman (It's Not Easy)."


2. Matteo on being a Pinoy: "We got the best wife material."

The ABS-CBN actor asked the audiences who were proud to be Filipinos and the crowd answered with cheers.

Matteo then enumerated, "Filipinos, we have the best food in general...

"We got the best wife material.

"My Italian dad moved to Cebu and found the most beautiful woman in the world, my momma."

In this segment, Matteo entertained the crowd with his rendition of "Noypi."

While Matteo was singing, "Pinoy ako buo ang aking loob / May agimat ang dugo ko," Loonie suddenly came out on stage to rap with him.

1. Matteo declared, "My Sarah's never gonna leave me."

When Martin Nievera joined Matteo on stage, he quipped, "I have a Sarah...Que sera sera, coz she's gone."

Que sera sera means whatever will be, will be.

In response, Matteo declared, "My Sarah's never gonna leave me."

Martin and the audience cheered upon hearing his declaration.


The Concert King narrated, "Let me tell you about your Sarah. A lot of people don't know this but every show that he's done, I think this is one of the first where she actually came out.

"You know why she does this? Because she wants Matteo to shine all by himself.

"That deserves a round of applause.

"Now that she's here, no que sera seras."

Look who watched #HeyMatteo concert tonight! This time, she's in the audience.

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