Stars Who Caused Changes in Teleseryes Part Two

IMAGE GMA / Noel Orsal / VIVA

The late actor Spanky Manikan (left), and former Pinoy Big Brother housemates Yen Santos and James Reid are just some of the celebrities who had to drop out from a teleserye.

Teleseryes are often subject to changes just before or during actual production.

These changes are intriguing. You know for sure that something big has happened for these changes to be made so late in the day.

These big occurrences include: the show's lead actress becomes pregnant, any one of the lead stars transfers networks, a major player gets sick enough to be confined in a hospital, someone playing an important role backs out because of a decidedly better offer, or a lead character is uprooted by management itself to star in another vehicle.

Note that if one thing must be said about these changes, the one thing often overlooked is this: teleserye writers are a very creative lot.

They can make the dead come back. They can rewrite an entire lead character to suit a star replacing another. They can create the scenario that will cover up a star's word war with another star. They can find the drama to mask the real story behind the scenes.

That said, we focus at the moment on celebrities who have caused changes in teleseryes. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) has done this in the past.

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Now here are 20 other stars who left their teleseryes due to unforeseen circumstances.





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