Here's why Maja Salvador's Wildflower received MTRCB warning

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Business unit head Ruel Bayani reveals that Wildflower received a warning only once from the Movie Television Review and Classification Board. It was for the bloody torture scene of Maja Salvador (left) aired recently. For this reason, the bloody scenes of Joseph Marco (right) were shown in black and white.

ABS-CBN's prime-time series Wildflower received a warning from the Movie Television Review and Classification Board.

It was for the January 30 episode, where Maja Salvador's character Lily Cruz is publicly humiliated and tortured at the town plaza of Poblacion Ardiente.

Lily was bloodied after Julio Ardiente (Tirso Cruz III) blamed her for the death of his grandchild Arnaldo (RK Bagatsing). At the time, Arnaldo was the town's mayor.

Business unit head Ruel Bayani revealed this during an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on February 7.

He said, "Surprisingly, parang dito na lang kami sa dulo na-warningan. Warning lang, ha.

"Warning lang itong very bloody... itong tinorture si Lily sa town plaza.

"Warning lang yun because, remember, we're being responsible din also because alam mo naman, ang story diyan is we should be able to self-regulate."

According to the TV executive, the scene was necessary in the storyline before the downfall of the Ardientes.

"Kailangan kasi namin sa kwento, kailangan tumodo yung abuse para ma-human rights abuse si Julio Ardiente.

"Hindi mo ito dapat ginawa, hindi ito ang batas, hindi ikaw ang executioner.

"May reason why those scenes were necessary na hindi lang obvious when they were being shown, pero nakita ng tao later on na importante."

For this reason, bloody scenes were shown in black and white in succeeding episodes.

In addition, the show indicated that the episodes had an SPG rating or Strict Parental Guidance.

The scenes showing the assassination of Diego Torillo (Joseph Marco) after he was proclaimed the new governor were also aired in black and white.

Wildflower is set to air its final episode this Friday, February 9.

HELICOPTER SCENE. During the February 4 episode of Gandang Gabi Vice, Maja said that she herself did the stunts during the viral helicopter scene aired in December 2017.

According to the Kapamilya actress, she volunteered to do the stunt because she believed she could do it.


She told host Vice Ganda, "Lahat sila, pinipigilan ako.

"Kaya lang, [noong] nagte-take yung double, yung angat ng helicopter, mababa lang.

"Sabi ko, 'Alam mo Direk, kaya ko 'yan, ako na lang!' Take, action!"

The show's director, Raymund Ocampo, instructed his team to stop the helicopter from flying higher.

Continuing her story, Maja said, "So, parang angat. Noong umaangat na nang todo, sabi niya, 'Stop! Stop!'

"Siyempre, maingay yung helicopter, di ba? Maingay. Sabi noong AD [assistant director], 'Up! Up!'

"So, napakataas ko! Kaya noong sumabit na ako nang ganoon, meron yung parang nakahiga ako, yung parang litson ako, napatingin ako, tapos sabi ko, 'Hindi ikaw si Maja, ikaw si Lily Cruz.'

"Pagkasabi ko sa sarili ko no'n, sa utak ko naman nagpaka-Maja ako, sabi ko, 'Diyos ko, gusto ko pa namang makauwi nang buhay!'"

When asked Ruel Bayani about trivia about Wildflower, he also had an anecdote about this helicopter stunt.

He narrated, "Ang talagang ano ko, I was abroad. And then I knew na dapat ang gaganap sa helicopter was a [stunt] double.

"So when they were texting me, I was in Singapore for the Asian TV Awards.

"When they told me na si Maja mismo ang gagawa, siyempre, na-stress ako nang bongga dahil walang net, walang harness, walang ganyan, mapapahamak tayo diyan!

"E, si Maja nga raw ang may gusto, ganyan, blah blah blah.

"So I just told them, please text me back as soon as possible to assure me na walang napahamak at walang nasaktan."

The scene was finished without any person on the set injured.

"True enough, wala naman nga. Pero siyempre, yung idea na nasa abroad ka, tapos may ganung insidente, nakaka-stress! Kaya hindi ko makalimutan yun, e."





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