How did Wildflower finale fare in AGB ratings?

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In the finale of Wildflower, Maja Salvador's character (left) became the President of the Philippines while Karylle (right) was introduced as the new Red Dragon.

Maja Salvador's drama series Wildflower aired its final episode on ABS-CBN last Friday, February 9.

The episode opened with Lily Cruz (Maja) engaging in a gun battle with Emilia (Aiko Melendez) and Julio Ardiente (Tirso Cruz III).

Lily made Emilia realize that her father is an evil man who brainwashed her with all the crimes that he did.

Emilia and Julio exchanged gunshots, and Julio was able to hit his daughter's spinal cord.

Emilia then took Lily's gun and fired gunshots against her father.

While the battle between the Ardientes was happening, Lily remembered her dream of killing the Ardientes and Diego's advice of not getting blood on her own hands.

After Emilia killed her father, she asked Lily to kill her, but Lily refused.

It was later revealed that Julio did not die from Emilia's gunshots. He was actually kidnapped by a new Red Dragon named Venus (Karylle).

Venus introduced herself as the protege of the original Red Dragon Helena Montoya (Zsa Zsa Padilla). Venus said she was dumped when Helena found her biological daughter.

Venus then called her goons and slowly tortured Julio to death.

Years later, peace in Poblacion Ardiente was restored, and Lily was proclaimed Governor while Marlon (Miko Raval) was hailed as Mayor of the town.

In her speech, Lily honored her late husband Diego Torillo (Joseph Marco) for the heroism he did to save the town.

Jepoy (Vin Abrenica) and Anna (Yen Santos) ended up being a couple, while Natalie (Roxanne Barcelo) became best friends with Lily after ending their longstanding feud.

Lily's mother Camia (Sunshine Cruz) married Damian (Christian Vazquez) after he got out of jail.

Eventually, Lily ran for senator and president of the Philippines.

At the end of the episode, Lily returned to Poblacion Ardiente. The last shot showed her looking at the horizon, excited for the bright future of her town.


How did the final episode of Wildflower fare in the ratings game, according to AGB Nielsen?

The Maja Salvador-starrer, which ended its run after exactly one year, registered a TV rating of 7.5%. ABS-CBN's teleserye aired from 5:40 p.m. to 6:29 p.m. 

Meanwhile, its rival program Wowowin, hosted by Willie Revillame, got a TV rating of 6.2%.

Take note that Wowowin aired 45 minutes earlier than Wildflower. The GMA-7 game show/variety program aired from 5:02 p.m. to 6:27 p.m.

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