How did Erich Gonzales's The Blood Sisters pilot episode fare in AGB ratings?

In The Blood Sisters, Erika (Erich Gonzales) worked different jobs in Davao, including dancing in a club, in order to pay for her son's medical bills. When she witnessed the death of a man in the club, she is forced to leave her son and seek refuge in Manila. In the city, Erika soon crosses paths with her twin, Carrie, whom the criminals mistake as her. With Carrie gone, Erika assumes the identity of her sister, gets to experience a life of luxury, and is thrust into a world of secre

ABS-CBN has aired the pilot episode of its newest teleserye, The Blood Sisters, starring Erich Gonzales. In this show that replaced Wildflower, Erich plays the triplets named Erika, Carrie, and Agatha. 

The scene begins with a woman putting on makeup, interspersed with women dancing on stage in skimpy clothing.

The first character is introduced by an unseen emcee: Kagandahang nakakabaliw, katawang nakakahalina. Kinaiinggitan ng mga babae, at ginagaya ng mga binabae. Eto na ang pinakahihintay ninyong lahat, ang babaeng nakakalasing, Champagne.”

Champagne (Erich Gonzales), whose real name is Erika Castillo, appears on stage in red and white underwear and a pair of black stockings. She begins her and begins her sultry dance on stage. A few minutes later, she turns her back to the audience and starts removing her underwear. Before she begins dancing again, she cries, and the scene fades to black.

When her shift is done, and now dressed in a shirt and jeans, Erika is seen being asked out by a customer from the bar, whose advances she refuses. A woman, presumably the customer’s wife, attacks the customer, then turns to Erika and verbally attacks her, too. The customer tells Erika that she may still be alive, but her soul has already burning in hell. Champagne walks out without saying a word.


Erika then goes to church, lights candles, and prays. The wife, who attacked her before, stands beside her and confronts her again, prompting her to leave the church.

Erika goes directly to the hospital, where she is seen giving a cashier her pay from her work as a dancer. The cashier tells her that despite the money she had just given, she still has unpaid balance left.  

She later visits a patient, who is introduced as her child, Jolo (Karlo Ezekiel), a young boy who seems to be very sick. She talks to her son and tells him that he’ll do anything to get him out of danger.

While she was tending to her son, Manong Bruce (Ogie Diaz), Erika’s neighbor and good friend, enters the ward and tells Erika how much he loves her son and how he attended to her son the whole day. She gives him money for food.


Manong Bruce then asks Erika if she were dancing again for money, and tells her to be careful of an aimless job. “Alam ko naman kung hanggang saan lang ako,” Erika tells him. She assures Manong Bruce that she will stop dancing and work as a waitress once her son is discharged from the hospital.

Erika tells Manong Bruce not to ask her about the whereabouts of Jolo’s father, whom Erika calls crazy.

The audience is then shown a flashback when Erika was 19 years old. She was with her then-boyfriend Emman (Patrick Garcia), who was about to leave for the United States. They were talking to a man about finding a way for Erika to go with her boyfriend to the United States.  

However, she reveals to the man that she doesn’t have the requirements, not even a birth certificate because she was just found in a dumpster. She was adopted by a “tanod,” who later died. She also revealed that she had just finished high school, but had really good grades.


After that moment, she and Emman discussed further their plans.  She told him to go to the United States without her. Emman then asked her to wait for him. Later, he tried to kiss her, but Erika dissuaded him as she said she had never been kissed before. Eventually, Erika gave in, and they had sex. It was the last time Erika ever saw him.

Back to the present time, Jolo’s doctor reveals that Jolo has pneumonia. The doctor says Jolo may be discharged that week as long as he continues taking his medicines.

It is then revealed that Erika is in Davao. After going to the hospital, Erika goes to her home in the slums and is seen thinking of ways to make ends meet. She is seen in a series of ventures, including selling of shampoo, shirts, makeup, fragrance. She tries to borrow P30,000 from her boss at the bar, who refused to give it to her. She sells their TV, electric fan, and her cellphone, all while her own health is suffering.

But the hard work was all worth it as her son was able to come home.

With still a lot of debts and expenses to pay, Manong Bruce advises Erika to visit his nephew, and her best friend, Tonyo in Manila.

Back at the bar, a frequent customer named Greg Solomon (Ian de Leon) approaches Erika and tells her that he has a very important visitor from Manila that he wants Erika to take care of. Erika tells him that she’s a dancer, and not a “GRO.” Mr. Solomon tells her that she only needs to talk to the visitor. Plus, if she would do a great job, then he would give her a large amount of money. Erika agrees.

The visitor then enters a private room where Erika is waiting for him. He makes his move on and tries to rape her, but Erika fights back, and runs to hide in another adjacent room. While the visitor was knocking on the door and calling Erika to come out, a girl, who is dressed as one of the dancers in the bar, enters the room bringing food and beverage.


The visitor tells the girl that he did not order anything. The girl refuses to leave and starts attacking the visitor. A fight ensues, which ended in the girl stabbing the visitor. Erika witnesses the murder from the other room.

The girl later goes through the visitor’s belongings and steals a notebook with the word “Paraiso” written on its cover. Then, she flees the scene of the crime and leaves the visitor for dead.

Mr. Solomon enters the room and finds the visitor’s bloody dead body. He then calls his associates and tells them to look for the notebook as it contains a list of their clients. When they can’t find it, he orders his men to look for the dancer, who was last seen with the visitor. He also tries to look for Erika in the other room, but she had already escaped through a window.


Mr. Solomon then calls his boss (Dante Rivero), who tell him that he needs to find that “ledger,” which he assumes was stolen by their rival, “para malaman ang takbo ng negosyo sa Paraiso.” Greg and his men then find out Erika’s full name and address.

Erika rushes to Manong Bruce’s home, where Jolo is staying. She tells Manong Bruce everything that happened, and asks him to take her son somewhere far. Manong Bruce tells her that he and Jolo will go to General Santos City to hide. As this is happening, Mr. Solomon’s men are ransacking Erika’s home, and are frustrated to find nothing that is important.

Meanwhile, Erika is on the run and goes to the port to try to take a free ride on a ship headed for Cebu, but she fails. While she was thinking of an escape plan, she finds the girl who stole the notebook. The girl is about to take a ship going to Manila.


Desperate to follow the girl and escape, Erika decides to hide inside a box containing fish, which is then loaded on the ship headed for Manila. She survives by eating raw fish and by drinking from a bottled water that she found inside the container van. When she arrives in Manila, the people at the port find her inside the van and try to capture her. She escapes.

She heads straight to the address of Manong Bruce’s nephew, and finds a topless man, Tonyo (Ejay Falcon) opening the door for her. Tonyo is visibly happy to see her. Erika tells Tonyo everything that happened. Tonyo tells her to call the cops, but Erika refuses to do so as she knows she is dealing with powerful men. She tells Tonyo that, according to Manong Bruce, they have already blocked all news of a dead body inside the bar.

Erika then call her son, who asks her to sing him to sleep.


As the episode is about to end, a woman in sunglasses arrives at the Manila airport. When she takes off her glasses, it is revealed that she looks exactly like Erika, except that she looks polished and well-off.

AGB RATINGS. How did Erich Gonzales's TV comeback fare in AGB Nielsen ratings?

According to data gathered from Urban Philippines, ABS-CBN's The Blood Sisters got an AGB TV rating of 7.4%.

The new Kapamilya show aired from 5:49 p.m. to 6:36 p.m.

Wowowin, its counterpart show on GMA-7, got an AGB TV rating of 7%.

Willie Revillame's game show/variety show aired on the Kapuso Network from 5:05 p.m. to 6:28 p.m.


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