Paulo Avelino's girlfriend Jodie Tarasek tries hand at hosting via MTV Fuel

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Filipino-Australian model Jodie Tarasek is the new host of MTV Fuel Season 2.

Filipino-Australian model Jodie Tarasek tries her hand at hosting via MTV Philippines.

Jodie was named as the music channel's new MTV Buddy along with Star Magic talent Markus Patterson. (Philippine Entertainment Portal) interviewed the 22-year-old model/host last April 6 at the MTV Philippines HQ in Mandaluyong City as she talked about her latest hosting project for MTV Fuel.

Jodie said, "It's so exciting. I'm super excited and I guess, what makes it even more exciting is that I get to work with a close friend of mine, Markus, so I'm super excited.

"It's a bit nerve-wracking but at the same time, I'm ready for something new."

Jodie and Markus were the lucky ones chosen among hundreds of fresh talents who auditioned for the part.

When asked how she prepared audition process, Jodie narrated, "I think I always... with every job interview, audition, or casting, I always try to go with a positive attitude and everything else just falls in to place.

"I guess, I didn't really prepare but I was confident, I was myself. I kept my expectations low but I was still confident about it.

Jodie further recalled, "We were given a script that we had to revise in about ten minutes and I'm the type of person who forgets things really easily so that was a bit of a challenge but you know, I manage to memorize all the things that I needed to and I got through it."

One MTV VJ she looks up to is Australian model/recording artist Ruby Rose.


She explained, "I really loved Ruby Rose, not only she's so beautiful but she started out as an MTV VJ as well.

"And then she branched out into acting, and singing as well. She was in Pitch Perfect 3 and I was so shocked to see her in like, an international movie.

"I really liked how she didn't stick into hosting and used that as platform to go on to other platforms, as well."

When asked what can music fans expect from their new TC show, Jodie revealed, "We'll be bringing forth a lot of new local artists 'cause I definitely think that there are so many incredible bands here that really need the spotlight shown on them.

"A lot of new artists, upcoming, older and newer bands, even independent artists.

"You can expect a lot of fun and playing with me and Markus. He's like my little brother to me so you can expect a lot of that."

Jodie is now familiar with OPM artists. Some of the bands she's currently listening to are Ben & Ben and The Ransom Collective.

Her favorite is the four-man band called IV of Spades.

She said, "I haven't stopped listening to IV of Spades. I just play their music and it's just… they're just the type of band that you listen throughout any situation, whether you're at the beach or just chillin' at home, reading.

"And I like them because of their vibe. When you look at their Instagram, they're very '80s and they're so young, as well.


"It's so cool to see people like that, who take music really seriously. When I first heard of them, I thought they were like a Western band, from America or something.

"And I found out that they're Filipino, I was like, that's so awesome and I'm really proud of them."





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