Rhian Ramos sets record straight about rumored network transfer: "No lipatan happening."

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Rhian Ramos on her mother network GMA-7: "I've also built a relationship of trust with GMA just because at no point naman did I ever want to make them feel that I'm not loyal."

Contrary to speculations, Rhian Ramos is not leaving GMA-7 anytime soon.

After her break from showbiz to study in the United States, Rhian is set to fulfill all her obligations with her mother network.

"Yeah, my contract isn't over actually. I'm on leave so that's what I'm saying na how kind they are that they would allow me to take a break from my contract.

"But I do have to resume it once I get back."

She revealed this in an exclusive interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the Summit Media headquarters last October 26.

According to Rhian, she is very happy with her relationship with the Kapuso network, since she's allowed to work with ABS-CBN leading men.

Currently, she is busy promoting her movie with JM de Guzman titled Kung Paano Siya Nawala.

In the past, Rhian worked with Star Cinema in the movies Silong with Piolo Pascual, and Fallback with Zanjoe Marudo.


Rhian said about this, "Well, I think I've also built a relationship of trust with GMA just because at no point naman did I ever want to make them feel that I'm not loyal.

"I've been with them since I'm 15, I'm 28 now. It's been thirteen years and ako kasi, I'm the kind of person na lately, I've been learning how to speak my mind.

"So whenever there's something that I want or need or even something that I'm not comfortable with, I try to talk to them and keep an open communication with them."

With this set-up, Rhian is able to tell her mother network if she's not happy with her career before consideting switching networks. 

She continued, "So there's no way na I would be not happy there without them knowing, di ba? Ta's bigla na lang lilipat?

"It's not like that. Nowadays, siguro for the past two years, I've been able to talk with them through everything.


"Kasi parang I joined showbiz when I was 15 and I'm kind of stuck with that age mentally, na parang I always felt like I'm a kid or I can't talk to them, hindi ko alam kung paano ko sila kakausapin or whatever.

"But lately, it has not been the case. I've been very honest about what I feel about things."

To set the record straight, Rhian clarifies that she is not transferring to ABS-CBN.

"No lipatan happening, it's really more of me taking a break just to do something that I've always wanted to do and never got the chance because tuloy tuloy lang ako."

Rhian's last teleserye with GMA-7 was the prime-time series The One That Got Away, which aired from January to May 2018.

Rhian started her career with the Kapuso network in 2006, when she was paired with Richard Gutierrez in Captain Barbell.


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