PBB OTSO UPDATES: Eight more adults added to Camp Star Hunt

Eight more adult Star Dreamers joined Camp Star Hunt of PBB Otso. They were (top row, L-R) Hanie, Mary Grace, Thea, and Patrick as well as (bottom row, L-R) JC, Tori, Shawntel, and Wakim.

Pinoy Big Brother Otso has revealed the identities of the Star Dreamers for the first adult batch of ABS-CBN's reality show.

The list of Star Dreamers for the first adult batch of PBB Otso was completed on January 7, 2019.

Four adults were introduced in yesterday's episode of PBB Gold. They were:

* Hanie - Athletic Cutie ng Isabela

The 19-year-old Hanie was raised by his Jordanian father and Filipino mother in Jordan. Due to his passion for basketball, he was scouted to join Jordan’s national basketball team.

Mary Grace - Inday Taray ng Davao Occidental

The 28-year-old domestic helper in Hong Kong has been auditioning for PBB for years. She really wants to have a career in showbiz.

Thea - Daring Dalaga ng Bohol

The 22-year-old Thea has an accounting degree but she wants a career in another field. She wants to work in the media, or in advertising, or in showbiz.


Patrick - Dance-Pirational Son ng Cebu

The 20-year-old dancer is an award-winning dancer despite the disability on his legs. He wants to show everyone that he can achieve success in PBB despite his disabilities.

The other four Star Dreamers entered Camp Star Hunt in the prime-time episode:

JC - Mucho Raketero ng Rome

The 25-year-old JC was raised in Italy. He has joined male pageants, and has worked several jobs, like teaching Italian and being a waiter.

Tori - Bombshell Sweetie ng Singapore

The 24-year-old Mass Communication graduation grew up in Singapore to Filipino parents. She realized that she wanted a career in showbiz after she directed a short film.

Shawntel - Muse-sical Daughter ng Baguio

The 24-year-old aspiring beauty queen joined several pageants in the past, including Miss World Philippines in 2017. She wants to help her family raise their economic status, after losing everything due to a scam.

Wakim - Gifted Go-Getter ng Iloilo


The 19-year-old Ateneo student is a topnotcher. He is very competitive, and he said he wants to enter the PBB house so that there will be a housemate with substance.

These eight Star Dreamers were separated into the two camps.

Tori, Mary Grace, Patrick and Wakim went to Camp A. They joined Abi, Mitch, Andre and Mark.

JC, Hanie, Thea and Shawntel joined Camp B. They joined Yamyam, Fumiya, Lou and Apey.

Now that the Star Dreamers are complete, they will face challenges to determine who will become official housemates.





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