Netizen points out medical blooper in GMA-7 show; writer Suzette Doctolero responds

IMAGE Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko (GMA-7)

Suzette Doctolero responds to a netizen who pointed out a medical error in GMA-7's afternoon series, Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko. The scene involves Thea Tolentino (left) and Matthias Rhoads (right).

GMA-7 creative writer Suzette Doctolero responded to a netizen pointing out a medical error in the afternoon series, Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko.

The scene being criticized by a netizen involved the characters of Thea Tolentino and Matthias Rhoads.

In an episode aired last January 14, Daniel (Matthias) was lying down on a hospital bed when Venus (Thea) tried to suffocate him with a pillow.

However, she did not succeed with her plans because Gavin (Rayver Cruz) arrived at the hospital room even before she can put the pillow over Daniel's head.

On January 22, a Twitter user named @Simply_Clinton pointed out that Daniel cannot die from pillow suffocation since he has intubation attached to a mechanical ventilator, allowing him to breathe.

Along with a screenshot of the scene, he wrote, "Sino na naman ang researcher nito? Sorry ha pero saksakan ng shunga. Kahit pa ilang oras mo idagan yang unan, makakahinga pa rin siya kasi nga secured ang airways niya nyang intubation na nakakabit sa mech vent. Bwahahahaha si bitter na naman ba ang writer nito?"


Without naming names, the netizen referred to a certain Kapuso writer as "bitter."

Even though her Twitter handle was not mentioned in the tweet, Suzette responded to the netizen's comment.

She replied, "Writer ba ang nagdirek niyan o nag execute? Kita mo nga, nag point out ka ng mali pero mali din sinisisi mo. Hehehe."


@Simply_Clinton did not respond to Suzette's tweet.

However, he replied to other netizens, explaining his credentials.

One netizen told him, "Subukan mong ganyan pag pinush ung unan syempre mas malakas ang force nun matatanggal yang tube sa pagkakadikit, SHUNGA ka din"

@Simply_Clinton, who said that he is actually a doctor, explained, "May cuff yang endotracheal tube na iniinflate para masecure sa loob ng trachea. Di yan basta mahuhugot kahit hilain unless sinira yong vocal cords ng tao. Makatawag ka ng tanga. Doctor ako, mga intensive care na pasyente ang hawak ko FYI kaya sanay ako sa ganitong eksena."


Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko, which is top-billed by Kris Bernal, Rayver Cruz, and Thea Tolentino, airs from Monday to Saturday on GMA-7's Afternoon Prime block.

Suzette is not part of the creative team of this show, which is directed by Mark dela Cruz.


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