Migo Adecer initially questioned why GMA pulled him out of Inagaw na Bituin

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Migo Adecer on doing Sahaya instead of Inagaw Na Bituin: "I was quite... I'm not gonna lie, I questioned it, I was thinking, 'Okay, bakit ako sumali sa Sahaya kapag may project na ako sa Inagaw na Bituin? But that's when the management of GMA comes in, because they know what's best for their artist."

Migo Adecer explained why GMA-7 decided to pull him out of Inagaw Na Bituin and place him in the upcoming prime-time series, Sahaya.

Originally, Migo was supposed to play the leading man of Kyline Alcantara and Therese Malvar in Inagaw Na Bituin. In fact, his character was written off in his previous show, Ika-5 Utos, to prepare for the role.

However, changes were made and Migo became the third wheel to Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix in Sahaya.

Migo's character in Inagaw Na Bituin eventually went to Manolo Pedrosa.

When PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked him about this during the February 14 pocket press conference of Sahaya, Migo said that he really wanted to prioritize this project.

"Honestly, when it comes to decisions like that, wala ako talagang alam sa lahat, it's like I don't have a good judgment on that.

"But I am a person who goes with the thing that is offered to me first."


The 19-year-old actor admitted that he was initially skeptical about doing Sahaya instead of Inagaw na Bituin.

He continued, "So I was quite... I'm not gonna lie, I questioned it, I was thinking, 'Okay, bakit ako sumali sa Sahaya kapag may project na ako sa Inagaw na Bituin?'

"But that's when the management of GMA comes in, because they know what's best for their artist."

"For me, at first, I wasn't quite sold, but I do trust in my management and if I don't trust my management, then who can I trust?"

Now, he is happy to be part of Sahaya.

"So I let go of my driver wheel and I said, 'Sige guys, I'm gonna give you my 100% trust and I trust you're gonna make the best decision for me.'

"They put me in Sahaya and I'm not gonna lie, I'm liking my chances here."

Does Migo regret missing the chance to showcase his singing talent in Inagaw na Bituin, which is a musical drama?


He answered, "I'm not too sure on that part kasi to be honest, as we were speaking about Inagaw na Bituin, it was even named with a different show before it was called Inagaw na Bituin.

"So a lot of the storyline has changed, but what I knew was that I was gonna be the middleman tapos there are two girls who will fight over me.

"And, of course, when you hear your choices, it's either you're gonna be the guy who two girls fight over you, or be in a teleserye where you two guys fight over the girl.

"Siyempre, I'd rather be the guy who they fight over, di ba?

"Kasi it's easier like that kasi reaction lang, e. They bring the scene and then ako, mag-react lang."

For this reason, Migo believes that GMA-7 wanted to give him a role that will challenge him.

"Pero I feel like GMA, they know when I'm cheating, when I want to pick something easier.


"So GMA has been able to read my subtle, subliminal messages, and whenever they see me taking the easy way, [they say] 'No, Migo, come here: face your fears.' Ito ka ngayon!"


What saddened Migo, however, was missing the chance to work with Kyline Alcantara in a drama series.

Kyline is the lead star of Inagaw Na Bituin. Both are also regular performers of Studio 7.

"I'm quite sad because I'm excited to work with my co-Studio 7 actress, si Kyline Alcantara.

"We're really excited, kasi actually, that's quite funny.

"Me and Kyline, we have this kind of love-hate relationship as friends, like we're mean to each other but we're still friends, but that's how we're friends, we're mean to each other."

In fact, their rapport already showed when they did a look test.

"So I remember, we did this look test and then we had to look sweet in each other's eyes and we couldn't do it.


"We kept on laughing, we don't see each other in that way.

"But we also opened up to doing more workshops and especially since I already did the pictorial but changes do happen like this in this industry and I think that everything happens for a reason.

"Ngayon yung leading man nila, si Manolo Pedrosa, so good luck to him. I'm sure he's going to fill in that role perfectly."


In Sahaya, Migo will play the third wheel to Bianca and Miguel.

The story depicts the life of Badjao girl named Sahaya (Bianca), who embraces her own identity and heritage.

Migo plays Jordan, a Manila boy who will be involved with Sahaya.

Elaborating about his role, Migo narrated, "Jordan is a more self-invested character that he hasn't gotten his hands dirty, he lived a very comfortable life, spoon-fed, everything is given to him in a silver platter.


"When he comes off mean and insensitive, it's just because he doesn't know any better.

"Yung encounter between Sahaya and Jordan, when they start becoming friends and stabilizing their relationship as people, it could have an effect in Jordan, to see whether or not he's going to be able to accept who she is, what her background is, and be able to learn and be humble or is he going to kind of feel embarassed to have a friend like that."

Migo admitted that he got a bit scared upon learning that he would be the third wheel in the show since Bianca and Miguel already have a strong fan base.

"At first, I was kind of scared knowing that I was going to be in a love triangle... oh well, we're not too sure about that but to be the complication between the storyline of Sahaya and Miguel's character...


"Knowing that I am going to be the problem, I was a little scared kasi I know how the BiGuel fans are, not really scared but it makes me wonder kung anong maging take ng mga character ko sa tao."

Sahaya is set to air on GMA Telebabad this March 2019.

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