Janno Gibbs hosts Power of 10 starting May 10

Janno Gibbs will host the GMA-7 game show Powerof 10 starting today, May 10. It takes over the time slot of My Dad isBetter than Your Dad.

Do you know what is the percentage of Filipinos who have arelative working abroad?

Would you know how many Filipinos say that they eat isaw (grilledchicken intestines)?

If your answer came near to the results of a survey conducted nationwide (89percent for OFWs and 45 percent for those eating isaw), then you justmight win P10 million in the game called Power of 10.

Hosted by Janno Gibbs, Power of 10 measures the power of Pinoys topredict the pulse of the masses. It also gives away the biggest cash prizeamong Philippine game shows to date.

Unlike Richard Gomez's former game show Family Feud, which askscontestants to give the top-of-mind answers of Filipinos surveyed, Power of10 asks contestants to give a percentage number to questions posed by hostJanno Gibbs.

Created by 2waytraffic of the Sony Entertainment Company, it has been localizedin at least 25 countries such as Venezuela, Armenia, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark,Finland, Greece, Argentina, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Colombia, Poland, SouthAfrica, Sweden, Ukraine, and Brazil.

"The Philippines is the 26th country to localize it," reveals Cecille DeGuzman, program manager of Power of 10. "We're the third country in Asiato localize this show. The first one was India and the second was Vietnam. Infact, India is doing its second season already."

How do they determine the answers to their questions?

Host Janno Gibbs explains that 1,000 Filipinos were surveyed nationwide toprovide the answers for their questions. He added: "Isang professionalgroup po talaga yung nagsu-survey nationwide, tapos spread out ang bracketniya, [class] A, B, C, D."

GAME MECHANICS. In the elimination round, two Power Players answer thefive questions that can be culled from showbiz, current events. Pop culture andgeneral information. The first person to gives the closest percentage or actualanswer for three times will move on the jackpot round.

In the jackpot round, the contestant must answer the five questions to win P10million. Every answer is worth an amount ten times higher than the previousprize.

For the first question, the value is P1,000 while in the second question, theprize increases to P10,000. The third question has a corresponding prize ofP100,000 while the fourth question has a cash prize of P1 million. For thefifth question, the player must give the exact answer or percentage to bringhome the jackpot prize of P10 million.

However, if the contestant misses the question, s/he also loses by the power often. For instance, if the contestant is already at the P1 million mark and s/hemisses the answer completely, s/he will only take home P10,000.

For the pilot episode, viewers will have the chance to see Joey de Leon face Startalkco-host Lolit Solis. The next episodes will feature celebrity contestantsso viewers can look forward to seeing John "Sweet" Lapus compete against BBGandanghari. Iza Calzado and Sunshine Dizon will square off while love teampartners Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin will battle it out for the P10million cash prize.


Power of 10 takes over the time slot of My Dad is Better than YourDad starting today, May 10. This GMA-7 game show is expected to run for 26weeks or two seasons.

Hosted by Janno Gibbs, Power of 10 airs every Sunday night on the KapusoNetwork right after Kap's Amazing Stories.

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