GMA News and Public Affairs wins three USIFVF awards

Jiggy Manicad (in photo) won the the SilverScreen Award in the 2009 US International Film and Video Festival. He made the Reporter's Notebook documentary titled "Lunok-Droga (Filipino Drug Mules)."

GMA Network's News and Public Affairs won three awards in the 2009 USInternational Film and Video Festival (USIFVF).

Reporter's Notebook's "Lunok-Droga (Filipino Drug Mules)" won the SilverScreen Award in the Social Issues Production-DocumentaryCategory. To film the documentary, host Jiggy Manicad traveledto Kuala Lumpur to witness the sting operation jointly conducted byPhilippine and Malaysian police to arrest members of a Nigerian drugsyndicate. Manicad also had the opportunity to interview the Filipinodrug courier used to bring the syndicate down. Co-host Maki Pulido,on the other hand, tackled the worsening problem of drug abuse in thePhilippines.

Another Reporter's Notebook documentary, "Pinays for Export (Filipinasfor Export): The Southeast Asian Sex Trafficking Trail" received a Certificatefor Creative Excellence in the same category. Theepisode featured the world's third most profitable organized crime: humantrafficking, with victims falling mostly into sexual slavery. For thefirst time on Philippine television, the trail of trafficked Filipinas from thePhilippines, to Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau was traced.

Jay Taruc's documentary "Batang Langoy (Child Swimmers)" won forI-Witness a Certificate for Creative Excellence also in theSocial Issues category. It documented the struggle of the Magalumbi islandchildren, who swim a two-kilometer stretch everyday just to be able to goto school. Being unable to bring home their books, the childrenbury these under the sand and in the morning rush to do theirhomework before going to school.

The USIFVF was founded in 1967 and is one of the world's leadinginternational events devoted exclusively to recognition of outstandingBusiness, Television, Documentary, Educational, Entertainment, Industrial andInformational productions.





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