QTV11 shows honored in US International Film and Video Festival

Jessica Soho's Reunions and Rajo Laurel's Rajo Red: The Business of Elegance won awards during the 2009 US International Film and Video Festival (USIFVF).

Q Channel 11 continues its winning streak as two of its shows won in the 2009 US International Film and Video Festival (USIFVF).

Emerging as one of the top programs among 1,100 entries from 22 countries, Rajo Red: The Business of Elegance won the USIFVF Silver Screen Award and Reunions, hosted by Jessica Soho, was cited with a Certificate for Creative Excellence, both in the Documentary: Motivational, Inspirational category.

The Los Angeles-based USIFVF, established in 1967, attracts the world's biggest networks and creators of Business, Television, Documentary, Educational, Entertainment, Industrial, and Informational productions.

Produced by Q's Entertainment TV Group, in partnership with the House of Laurel, Rajo Red is a special documentary on the celebration of the 15th anniversary of Philippine fashion icon Rajo Laurel. The program featured the evolution of Rajo's masterpieces, a gala fashion show for a cause, Rajo's arduous journey to success, and his inspirations and dreams.

Public affairs program Reunions' "Multiple Reunions" episode, on the other hand, featured three reunion stories, that of 63-yr old Josefina Ramirez, the Barbuco family, and Sgt. Douglas Holcomb. Ramirez had been searching for her siblings for 50 years; the Barbuco family fervently prayed that they be reunited with their 33-year old, mentally challenged son; and Filipino-American Sgt. Douglas Holcomb, who was born in the Philippines but supposedly abandoned by both his parents, wanted to trace his roots.

Rajo Red and Reunions stood tall at the USIFVF, along with such programs as Marathon Love (USA), which aired on the Discovery Health Channel; Controlling the Discourse: The Putin Empire and the Media, from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp); and Nigella Express (featuring Nigella Lawson) from Pacific Television, London, United Kingdom, with support from Food Network, USA.

NEW YORK WINNERS. In a different international film festival last January, Q Channel 11 programs/specials were also honored. These are Inno Sotto: A Special Fashion Documentary, The Sweet Life, Chef to Go, Ang Pinaka, News on Q, and Draw the Line were winners at the 2009 New York Festival.

Last year, Q Channel 11 show Proudly Filipina won USIFVF's Gold Camera award in the Documentary: Motivational, Inspirational category.






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