Meet the men of TV5's Sabado Guwapo

(From left) Ryan Agoncillo of Talentadong Pinoy, Vic Sotto of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and Oyo Sotto of Midnight DJ helped bring up the TV ratings of TV5.

Wala pa mang isang taon ang TV5 sa ere ay humahataw na sa ratings ang kanilang mga palabas lalo na sa weekend primetime. Remarkable success ito para sa TV5 lalo na nga't pumapasok na sa Top 10 shows ng Mega Manila ratings ng AGB Nielsen at national ratings ng Taylor Nelson Sofres ang Sabado Panalo shows nito sa pangunguna ng Talentadong Pinoy at Midnight DJ.

Patok na patok nga sa mga manonood ang Sabado Guwapo ng TV5 dahil na rin sa mga nagguguwapuhang bida na sina Vic Sotto ng Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Ryan Agoncillo ng Talentadong Pinoy at Oyo Sotto ng Midnight DJ.

Nakausap ng PEP ang Senior Vice President for Brand Management ng TV5 na si Jasper Evangelista at labis nga siyang nagpapasalamat in behalf of TV5 sa mga patuloy na tumututok sa kanilang mga palabas at pagbibigay ng mataas na ratings sa kanilang Saturday primetime shows.

"We're very thankful to our viewers. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are right now. Our weekend is one of our strongest. It's one of our strongholds, so far. Sabado Panalo starts with Lipgloss, then Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Talentadong Pinoy, Midnight DJ, and 5Max Movies. So, it's a very formidable lineup. Lipgloss and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire are good pre-programming shows for Talentadong Pinoy and then Midnight DJ.

"The audience share of these shows really increased. So, the halo effect is really happening. Tapos talagang umaapaw yung commercials. The whole team is very energized. We are actually looking forward for better ratings pa. And hopefully, this would spread by word of mouth," pahayag ni Mr. Evangelista nang ma-interview siya ng PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

How does it feel na hindi na pahuhuli ang TV5 sa ratings game, especially sa pagpasok sa Top 10 shows ng Talentadong Pinoy at Midnight DJ?

"We're very pleased. Again I throw it back to the viewers. I would like to thank them for supporting us. We recognize the fact that they want more variety programming. And that's why TV5 would like to preserve the viewers and hopefully they would really last and more will join the bandwagon. The whole team is really motivated with the viewership that we are enjoying right now. And hopefully, we really get to raise the bar and continue to provide better shows para naman masuklian namin yung viewers of TV5."

Ang premiere ng Who Wants To Be A Millionaire last May 23 was recorded as the highest rating pilot episode of all the shows ng TV5. Very proud nga si Mr. Evangelista sa achievement na ito.

"It's the highest launched episode for any program we had for TV5, so far. Normally, when we launched like Wow Mali, it got a 12 percent audience share, ganyan. For a local show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is actually the biggest we had as a premiere launched episode. For this one we got 15 percent audience share. And we expect that to grow as it progresses. Kasi right now maganda yung feedback na nakukuha namin."

Ine-expect ba nila na magiging mataas agad ang ratings ng Who Wants To Be A Millionare at ngayon ay patuloy pa itong tumataas?

"Well, yes. To start off it's a major franchise. It's the biggest game show worldwide. Add to the fact that Slumdog Millionaire did very well through Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. So, its launching is perfect timing. And then si Bossing [Vic Sotto], he's the one who really completed the whole thing. So, I believe we got a very powerful package, excellent franchise at the same time excellent host who can really handle the job. Again he is a fan of the show so, he knows how it is supposed to be handled and he is very spontaneous. He delivered it very well."

Ano pa ba ang mae-expect ng mga viewers ng TV5 in the days to come?

"We have lots of other killer programs upcoming. I can't disclose them right now but suffice to say the whole team is motivated talaga. So, we're putting in the best effort to make sure we don't disappoint the viewers. That actually inspires us, motivates us to do well."

Can people expect more big celebrities like Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon of Wow Mali, Ryan Agoncillo and others to join TV5?

"There's always an opportunity for that. Especially now, like si Bossing joining the bandwagon. For sure, other people din. And we had some feelers din of some people who wanted to do shows din sa TV5. And nakakataba ng puso. And it's also a recognition that TV5 is doing well. We've been posting week by week growth. I think that's good and it's an indication of better things to come."

Noong i-launch ang TV5 last year, ang tina-target nila is to be the number 3 TV station in the Philippines . Ngayon ano na ang tina-target nila?

"Well kami, the objective is still to be the solid number 3 player. If our viewership continues to grow, the rate of our growth is really accelerated. It depends yun sa pagtanggap ng mga viewers namin. And we've been positive about it from the start. Overall I hope that the programming continues to churn out solid and quality programs which would give compelling reasons for the viewers to switch to TV5. That's our basic objective right now. It's still up to the viewers. Basta kami, we will just go all out as we deliver the goods," huling sabi pa ni Mr. Evagelista.

Manood at maki-shake na sa milyun-milyong Pinoy na nahu-hook sa panalong Sabado Guwapo shows ng TV5 with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire at 6 PM, Talentadong Pinoy at 7 PM, and Midnight DJ at 8 PM.






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