Atlantika: Aquano loses his memory

Action-packed underwater adventure in GMA-7's Atlantika.

Barracud (Ariel Rivera) orders Aquano (Dingdong Dantes), Piranus (Paolo Contis), Xera (Bianca King), and Eno (Arthur Solinap) to pursue the Tiburons. Aquano attempts to escape the Hydroliko and manages to emerge from the ocean, albeit wounded, with the quaro and the possessions of Amaya and Ruana. These serve as keepsakes that light up every time their rightful owners are within proximity. But Aquano soon loses his memory and ends in the care of a woman.

Who will take care of Aquano while he’s away from Atlantika? What will happen to the underwater kingdom now that Aquano is gone? Find out this week by tuning in on weeknights on GMA-7, after Mars Ravelo’s Captain Barbell!


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