Alternative comedy show Front Act airs on TV every Sunday

Mike Unson and Stanley Chi of Comedy Cartel host Front Act, an alternative comedy show airing every Sunday on TV5.

Stand-up comedians take the spotlight on TV5 every Sunday in the 30-minute alternative comedy show Front Act. This show is hosted by Mike Unson and Stanley Chi of the guild of professional comic artists, Comedy Cartel.

Featuring different topics and issues as well as prominent personalities presented in a light and comic point of view, Front Act is a funny, upbeat, and refreshing comedy program that will make viewers laugh right before Joey De Leon's Wow Mali .

Joey's son Jako, is one of the producers of Front Act. So that makes TV5 the home of the father and son humor of Joey and Jaco every Sunday afternoon with Front Act and Wow Mali. Immediately after Wow Mali, the family sitcom Everybody Hapi will also air on TV5.

Catch the one-of-a-kind comedy of Front Act with guests Mayor Ed Hagedorn and Ronaldo Valdez on its next episode on Sunday, July 26, 5:30pm on TV5.



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