Case Unclosed features the struggles of Tara Santelices

Arnold Clavio of Case Unclosed will feature the stuggles of Tara Santelices, the girl who became comatose after being shot at close range by a holdupper. She passed away in July 2009.

This Thursday night on Case Unclosed, host Arnold Clavio brings you the story of Tara Santelices. This young girl passed away last July 27, 2009 after struggling to live for almost a year.

Her case was actually featured by the GMA-7 documentary show last April. (Click HERE to read related article)

It was the eve of her 23rd birthday, August 6, 2008, when Tara was shot in the head.

The young NGO worker boarded a jeep on her way home to Cainta with her best friend Joee Mejias, when a passenger declared a hold-up. The man pulled out his gun and ordered the girls to give him their bags. Tara resisted the gunman. He pulled the trigger, shooting Tara on the forehead.

The jeepney driver continued on his usual route, even picking up other passengers, before bringing the girls to an ill-equipped clinic.

Tara was in a coma by then. Her parents, Larry and Anne struggled to keep the hope alive for their daughter.

The Cainta Police insisted they had solved the case because they found the suspect—who was killed in an alleged shootout with the police.

But Joee Mejias and another witness both say the suspect was not the same man who shot Tara.

Learn the questions that still surround this case... and witness the triumph of the human spirit when Arnold Clavio visited Tara when she was still alive.

Under the helm of the 2007 Cinemalaya Special Jury Prize director, Jade Francis Castro, Tara's story is retold on Case Unclosed, Thursday night after Saksi on GMA-7.



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