Dear Friend's 3 Bachelors explores betrayal and revenge between brothers

Kyla and Jay-R (left frame) are paired together in Dear Friend's 3 Bachelors opposite the love team of Mart Escudero and Jennica Garcia. Will the brothers forgive each other and forget the betrayal that happened or will they exact revenge from each other?

What if the sibling you trusted your whole life betrayed you by marrying the love of your life? Will an earnest apology be enough to heal your calloused heart? Or is revenge the better, or rather, the ONLY option in mending your broken being?

Betrayal, Marriage, Revenge. These are life's three most powerful yet elusive concepts which will be meticulously explored in Dear Friend's latest episode titled 3 Bachelors.

Beginning this Sunday, September 27, the love team of Mart Escudero and Jennica Garcia as well as R&B sensations Jay-R and Kyla will rouse audiences' hearts as they unexpectedly get torn between the choices of love and family.

Directed by Jun Lana, the heart twisting drama starts with two devoted brothers Miguel Gonzales (Mart Escudero) and Vince Gonzales (Jay-R) who suddenly find their bond threatened when their dying father, Don Vicente (Paulo Avelino) forces Vince to marry their family friend's daughter Sara (Kyla) who is coincidentally Miguel's object of affection.

Just when Miguel thought that Vince would remain loyal to him, Vince immediately and shamelessly married Sara, the bride that was supposed to be his! Feeling distraught over his brother's betrayal and his father's indifference, Miguel sought revenge by tying the knot with their maid Emily (Jennica Garcia) who, by a twist of fate, is hopelessly and desperately in love with him.

What will happen to these mismatched lovers and bitter brothers? Can a marriage that originated from betrayal or a marriage that was made out of revenge, survive amidst their personal struggles? Could betrayal and revenge, after all, be sweet?

The answers will be discovered with Dear Friend's 3 Bachelors, this Sunday, September 27, right after SOP on GMA-7.





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