Gary Valenciano talks about his battle with diabetes in I Survived

Gary Valenciano will share how he copes with his Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. He will be joined by his wife Angeli Pangilinan in the October 1 episode of I Survived.

"I'm living a life with diabetes, but I'm not letting it stop me." - Gary Valenciano

One famous Filipino who is inflicted with this disease is Gary Valenciano. The country's "Mr. Pure Energy" shares how he almost lost his life due to diabetes on I Survived this Thursday (October 1) on ABS-CBN.

Gary has been battling Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes since he was 14 years old. His wife, Angeli Pangilinan, and kids have been witnesses to many of his attacks, and to almost 90,000 insulin injections in his lifetime. But in 2005, no one was prepared for his worst hypoglycemic attack.

It happened in Pasadeña, California during the "ASAP Kapamilya Caravan Tour," where Gary lay unconscious and almost went into a comatose.

How did the people around him work together to help revive him? And how is Gary surviving his disease? Here is an inspiring story for millions of diabetic Filipinos as told to Ces Oreña Drilon this Thursday (October 1) on I Survived, right after Bandila on ABS-CBN.



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