JP Lagumbay exits from Pinoy Big Brother Double UP

Two days after he was "magically revealed" as oneof the four Double UP housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Double UP, JPLagumbay, the Jetsetter Dad of QC, (wearing black) decided tovoluntary exit the PBB house to not risk losing his job as a flight attendant. How will this affect his twin brother JM?

HousemateJP Lagumbay of Pinoy Big Brother Double UP did a voluntary exit justtwo days after he entered the Pinoy Big Brother house. The Jetsetter Dad of QC decided to go after he was informed that his application for leave was declined by his employer. Big Brother told him he had to report to the airline office by 8 am of Tuesday (October 6) or he would face sanctions.

JPwas torn between staying for his twin brother JM and leaving to attendto his job and family. He wanted to stick around for his brother, whowas the one who really wanted to be in "PBB," but he can't risk losingthe job that supports his family.

Meanwhile,theories on the double up twins still abound in the female-dominatedHouse B, but the girls remain clueless about the existence of anotherhouse. The opposite is happening in House A, where most of the malehousemates live. They haven't noticed the switching of twins but aresuspicious that Big Brother has another house on the other side of thewall.

Didthe double up twins fail their first task, or will they be able todisprove the housemates' theories? What will be Big Brother's takeregarding JP's early voluntary exit? Will JM have to join him in hisdisappearing act?

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