Cholo will risk his engagement to find Jodi in Stairway to Heaven

Cholo (Dingdong Dantes) is convinced that Jena (Rhian Ramos) is his long-lost girlfriend Jodi. Find out if the truth will emerge in GMA-7's remake of Stairway to Heaven.

The timeless love story of Cholo and Jodi in GMA-7's Stairwayto Heaven got viewers hooked on primetime, resulting in itsremarkable performance in the ratings game.

Based on AGB Nielsen Philippines overnight ratings amongMega Manila households, Dingdong Dantes and Rhian Ramos' first onscreen project achieved impressive household TV ratings on the weeknightprimetime race since last week.

On Tuesday, October 13, it beatits competitor with 31.2% overnight rating, while on Wednesday and Thursday, itposted high ratings with 30.5% and 32.7%, respectively.

Dingdong andRhian's portrayal of star-crossed lovers Cholo and Jodi has charmed its way into the hearts of the viewers. Viewers are now excited to seehow Cholo dares himself to win back Jodi's heart and bring her memoryback.

Eunice (Glaiza de Castro) along with her devious mother Maita (Jean Garcia) use all theirpowers to separate the two fated lovers. But Cholo, who is still heart-brokenand dispirited, is convinced that Jena is his long-lost girlfriend Jodi. Hewill do anything just to be close to her, even jeopardizing his engagement withEunice.


This week, follow the heart-wrenching twists andintriguing revelations in the love story of Cholo and Jodi. Will Cholo succeedin bringing Jodi's memory back? Will Eunice connive with Charlie to end thebrewing closeness between Cholo and Jena? Will Eunice's evil schemesprevail?

The story of undying lovecontinues in Stairway to Heaven, weeknights after Darna on GMA-7.


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