Bubble Gang shoots two episodes in Japan

In the photo above, Michael V (wearing black) poses in front of a temple during their 2004 trip to Japan. Earlier this year, the cast members of this GMA-7 show revisited the land of the morning sun to shoot two episodes.

The Bubble Gang cast once again visited the land of the rising sun to star in yet another fun-filled special, which will air on November 13 and 20, 2009. The cast members of the GMA-7 show first visited Japan in 2004.

It’s the second time that the BG cast has traveled to Japan, and this time around, they have brought along Dennis Trillo, Rochelle Pangilinan, Kevin Santos and Jacky Woo to join them in their latest adventure.

What is the best way to capture the entire Tokyo Tower on film? Would you go as far as lying on your back—or worse, rolling over the ground just to get that perfect shot? What happens when the ultimate spoiled brat meets the world’s most famous cat? What really is there to see in Mt. Fuji that makes it so popular?

Could autumn leaves speak? And if so, what do they say? And who are Astrogay, Zyayger and Badinger Z? Could it be true that those all-time favorite Japanese super heroes Astroboy, Zaider and Mazinger Z have turned gay?!

Tune in to Bubble Gang and turn Japanese, even for just a night. Join Ogie, Bitoy, and the rest of the gang this Friday night, November 13, after Survivor Philippines Palau on GMA-7.





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