Get entangled in romantic love on Full House

The secret of Jessie (Heart Evangelista) and Justin (Richard Gutierrez) will finally be revealed this week in Full House.

It’s going to be a crazy week on Full House as pretend couple Justin (Richard Gutierrez) and Jessie’s (Heart Evangelista) intimate secrets come out in the open.

As part of their contract, their number-one agreement is to maintain the privacy of their fake marriage. But no thanks to their two nosy friends, Donald (Rainier Castillo) and Lisette (Sheena Halili), keeping their "little secret" private turns out to be harder than they imagined.

First, Luigi (Patrick Garcia) finds out about the contract from Lisette, who blurts it out by mistake, thinking that she’s talking to Jessie. And then, of all people, Elaine (Isabel Oli) finds out about it, too, after eavesdropping on Donald and Lisette’s conversation. Elaine rushes to Justin and Jessie’s house and confronts the latter.

To make matters worse, their feelings have gotten in the way this time. Jessie, who has openly declared her love for Justin, accepts Luigi’s offer to give him a chance. They will be spending more time together after a production company agrees to turn Jessie’s novel into a full-length movie.

Justin, on the other hand, gets jealous but is still in denial about his true feelings for Jessie.

So, the big question is, can they sort out their feelings before it’s too late?

Find out how everyone handles the tricky trap of falling in love this week on Full House, after The Last Prince on GMA Telebabad.





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