Agua Bendita kid, Xyriel Manabat, hangs out with the Kulilits

TV host Bianca Gonzales and Agua Bendita child star Xyriel Ann Manabat (in photo) will be part of Labor Day (May 1) episode of Kulilits .

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 host and model Bianca Gonzales can be considered one of the most successful celebrities in local showbiz. What’s the secret behind her success?

Find out this Saturday (May 1) on Kulilits where Bianca hangs out with hosts Chacha Cañete, Bugoy Cariño and Izzy Canillo.

In this same episode, watch Xyriel Ann Manabat, the young Agua Bendita, take a dip in the water once again in a pool she will help set up with the kulilits.

This Labor Day, let your kids appreciate the value of patience and hardwork. Don’t let them miss this week’s fun learning episode of Kulilits, Saturday (May 1), 9:30 am before Showtime on ABS-CBN.


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