Meet a superhero family with extraordinary powers in Kaya ng Powers

GMA-7’s fantasy series titled Kaya ng Powers will start airing this Saturday, July 24. Joey Marquez (left) and Rufa Mae Quinto (right) head the Powers family that has acquired extraordinary abilities.

Saturday nights will be filled with live action adventures and zany misadventures of a superhero family with extraordinary powers with the launch of GMA-7’s newest sitcom titled Kaya ng Powers.

Beginning July 24, Kaya ng Powers will be the latest addition to the Kapuso Network’s slate of fresh and innovative programs to be introduced this year. It tells the story of a typical family who develops unique and distinct superpowers after an ironic twist of fate in their lives.

It stars Joey Marquez as Dr. Robert Powers, the patriarch of the family; his adoring wife Rufa Mae Quinto as Mrs. Stephanie Powers together with their three children: Rhian Ramos as Hillary Powers, Sheena Halili as Shalani Powers and Elmo Magalona as Gustin Powers.

Dr. Powers is a famous scientist who discovered a secret formula that can transform any person into a superhero. His apprentice Donald (played by Bearwin Meily) sabotages his experiment to gain power and use it for evil deeds.

The Powers Family survived the explosion but after 15 years, all of them were shocked to discover that they have suddenly developed some strange and unexplainable abilities, talents and potentials beyond the ordinary.

What is left of Dr. Powers is his head and a hand for Stephanie. Stephanie can only regenerate her whole body after charging the ring created by her husband. Hillary, the eldest of the three children, is a shape shifter. She can transform into anything she touches and can even copy its personality or character. The second child Shalani, on the other hand, can create fire or water depending on her emotions. Her face also changes color every time she uses her powers. Gustin, the youngest of the three, is physically powerful. He maybe a nerd and a weakling but once he controls his abilities, he becomes super strong.


With the newfound super heroic abilities of the Powers Family, they try to go undercover in their neighborhood and find purpose for their exceptional gifts. How will they fight Donald and protect the neighborhood from his wicked schemes and experiments? And how long can the Powers Family keep their identities as superheroes under wraps?

Adding spice to the lives of the super powered clan are Jaya as Hilda, the neighbor of the Powers Family who suspects and investigates their real identities; Rocco Nacino as Clinton and Enzo Pineda as Noy, the suitors of Hillary and Shalani; Alyssa Alano as Eva, Donald’s assistant and one of his bizarre experiments; Diego as Bebe Girl, a close friend of the Powers Family who helps design their costumes; Elija Alejo as Amphi, Hilda’s playful adopted child; and Dang Cruz as Yaya Alfreda, Elmo’s nanny.

Under the direction of Uro dela Cruz, Kaya ng Powers will use slapstick to bring in laughs for viewers.

Prepare for the arrival of the superhero family with extraordinary powers as Kaya ng Powers premieres July 24 right after 24 Oras Weekend on the Sabado Star Power block of GMA-7.





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