Bubble Gang will celebrate its 15th anniversary this Friday, October 29

In the October 29 episode of Bubble Gang, an hour-long movie-musical TV special will mark the 15th anniversary of GMA-7’s comedy show.

Bubble Gang has made Philippine TV history by being the country’s longest-running and most successful gag show.

GMA-7’s comedy show has delivered innovative and funny sketches, which in turn, have earned Bubble Gang numerous recognition, consistent high ratings, and good comments from viewers.

Now on its 15th year, Bubble Gang pays tribute to legendary singer, composer, and comedian Mr. Yoyoy Villame as it celebrates its crystal year this October 29 with a horror/comedy musical extravaganza.

Headlined by no less than the comedic combo of Ogie Alcasid and Michael V., this hour-long movie-musical TV special takes after Mr. Villame’s song Bungalow, which tells about a young man’s horrifying experience after inheriting a haunted Bungalow from a deceased relative.

In similar fashion, Ogie and Bitoy play cousins who suddenly became heirs to a house formerly owned by their dead grandfather. Though skeptical at first, the two decided to live in the house upon meeting their sexy would-be-neighbors as well as an attractive but mysterious lady, who later turns out to be a ghost.

As they uncover the dark secrets surrounding the spooky Bungalow, Ogie and Bitoy, instead of leaving the house, engage in a riotous and side-splitting battle with the haunted spirits. Will they emerge victorious or end up sharing the house with its haunted dwellers?

Featuring the show’s own version of several other songs made famous by the original King of OPM Novelty, this special also stars the rest of the Bubble Barkada including Wendell Ramos, Rufa Mae Quinto, Antonio Aquitania, Maureen Larrazabal, and Boy 2 Quizon. Four lovely ladies collectively known as the Bubblets--Jackie Rice, Gwen Zamora, Ellen Adarna and Sam Pinto--will also get to show their comedy skills in this TV special.

This rib-tickling and equally spine-chilling Bubble Gang anniversary offering airs this Friday, October 29 right after Beauty Queen on GMA Telebabad.






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