Coney Reyes and Xyriel Manabat will seek a second chance in 100 Days to Heaven

Coney Reyes and Xyriel Manabat will topbill ABS-CBN’s new inspirational TV series titled 100 Days to Heaven. It will begin airing on May 9, 2011.


"If you were given a second chance to correct the faulty acts that you have done to others in order to save your soul from eternal damnation, would you take it? And if so, will you be willing to start from the beginning?

"From the makers of May Bukas Pa, ABS-CBN proudly presents another tale of hope and faith titled 100 Days to Heaven.

"A story of second chances, friendship, and faith, 100 Days to Heaven centers on the life of Anna Manalastas, played by both Xyriel Manabat (as the young Anna) and Coney Reyes (as the adult Anna). Anna is a mean and shrewd business woman who happens to be the owner of the biggest toy company in the Philippines. The joy that she gives to children is different from how she runs her business.

"With her sudden death, Anna realizes that she is about to go to Hell. She then strikes a deal with the Gate Keeper of Heaven to give her a second chance in order to gain a place in Heaven. She is given the opportunity to undo her wrongdoing, but with a catch: she must do it within 100 days and not as an adult, but as her seven-year-old self.

"After playing supporting roles in the teleseryes Ysabella and Rubi, veteran actress Coney Reyes now stars in 100 Days To Heaven, along with child superstar, Xyriel Manabat who also makes a comeback after the teleserye Noah.

"Directed by Malu L. Sevilla, 100 Days to Heaven is no ordinary television series. It tells about not only the struggles of everyday living. The series aims to remind both the young and the old of the important values that the children of today may have neglected.

"On the other hand, characters of Jodi Sta. Maria as Sophia, Louise Abuel as Kevin, Joel Torre as Andres, Dominic Ochoa as Bobby, Valerie Concepcion as Miranda, Rafael Rosell as Bart, Smokey Manaloto as Bruce, and Neil Coleta as Jopet, will add color to the unique story of 100 Days To Heaven.

"Prepare for colorful and heart-warming nights in ABS-CBN primetime bida as 100 Days to Heaven lands on May 9.

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