Sharon Cuneta reveals her struggle against weight gain this Sunday

Sharon Cuneta will share details about her own struggle against weight gain for the primer of The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition, which will be aired on ABS-CBN this Sunday.


"Sharon Cuneta finally speaks up on her own fight against obesity this Sunday (May 15) in the primer for her upcoming reality show The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition on ABS-CBN.

"In a rare TV interview, the Megastar will share the physical and emotional pains of people who are regarded by society as fat, obese, and heavy.

"Unfortunately, society judges you according to your physical appearance. It’s not really according to your abilities and your talents. Minsan kahit it’s very unfair, it’s a reality," she explained.

"But she is not the only one opening up on Sunday’s TV special titled Bigating Pinoy: The Biggest Loser Primer. To prove that obesity is a serious problem in the country that should be addressed, the primer will also show case studies featuring six "heavy" Pinoys.

"The list includes seven year old child star Karl Camo of Goin’ Bulilit. While people find him cuddly and cute, he is also in a crucial state of child obesity. Danica, 14, has to deal with greater pressure growing up because of her weight. Twenty-two year old Alvin, on the other hand, has been rejected over and over during job applications.

"There is also Lorie, 33, who can’t bear a child because of excessive fat in her body. Forty-year-old Rowena, meanwhile, is a mom but can’t attend her children’s graduation in fear that they will be teased by their classmates because of her.

"Finally, get to meet Reinnier, who at 25 already has a memorial plan due to the health risks of his obesity.

"If you ask Sharon, she believes that there is still hope for all of them to improve their lives. That is if they begin taking care of their health like her. She said, The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition can be a source of inspiration to people like them, and even those who are perfectly fit and healthy.


"Kayang-kaya ’yan. ’Pag nakita niyo yung journey ng mga contestant to lose weight, I think representation din yan ng kaniya-kaniyang problemang pinagdadaanan natin, kahit hindi siya obesity," Sharon stressed.

"Find out about Filipinos’ fight against obesity and even get a sneak peek of the Biggest Loser Camp and the program’s 12 contestants in Bigating Pinoy: The Biggest Loser Primer this Sunday (May 15), after Pilipinas Got Talent on ABS-CBN."

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