Cesar Montano and Iza Calzado team up for the first time in GMA-7’s sitcom Andres de Saya

The characters of Cesar Montano and Iza Calzado end up with each other by a forced wedding. Find out how Andres and Matilde will make their marraige work in Andres de Saya, which will start airing on Philippine television on May 28.


"Multi-awarded actors Cesar Montano and Iza Calzado team up for the first time in GMA-7’s TV adaptation of Carlo J. Caparas’s Andres de Saya. Beginning May 28, their sitcom is set to create a new Saturday night habit among viewers.

"Aside from it being the first team-up of the two, Andres de Saya is also Cesar and Iza’s first ever sitcom in the Kapuso Network. Yet it should come as no surprise if they would further immortalize the roles popularized by Vic Vargas and Gloria Diaz in the ’80s hit movie.

"In this sitcom, Cesar plays as Andres "Andy" Taguyod, a seemingly perfect peg of a tough, macho man. He works as a bouncer in a "gimik" bar and provides for his kin; he does not aspire to be rich but his ultimate dream is to marry a woman he really loves.

"When he met Matilde "Mat" Golpe de Oro (Iza), Andres knew that he has found the woman of his dreams. Matilde came from a well-off family and is a title holder in many beauty pageants. Although she was not initially attracted to Andres, circumstances brought them to each other’s arms in a shotgun wedding.


"One night, Matilde ended up in Andres’ bed due to drunkenness and although nothing really happened between them, Matilde’s grandmother made a big deal out of it. Lola Corrine, played by Ms. Gloria Romero, insisted that the two get married despite the fact that she does not approve of Andres for her granddaughter.

"What happens to Andres and Matilde after their forced marriage? Will Andres be able to win the heart of his strong-willed wife and the respect of his haughty grandmother-in-law? Or will he just be contented being the second-in-command in their house?

"Follow this classic example of a man who would do anything for love, or whom people would often label as "under de saya." And see how Andres turns from being every-inch-a-man to a husband who crumbles and only answers "Yes, babe?" to all of Matilde’s demands—be it doing the laundry, washing the dishes or cleaning the house.


"Adding more fun and confusion to Andres de Saya are: Ms. Caridad Sanchez as Aling Minda, Andres’ loving mother; Iwa Moto as Nica Landutay, Andres’ admirer who is a party starter; Elmo Magalona as Bryan, a neighbor who resembles Andres in some ways; Mike "Pekto" Nacua as Adonis Penyaratot, Andres’ friend and advocate for resisting Matilde’s authority; Chariz Solomon as Charing, Lola Corrine’s sidekick; Julie Anne San Jose as Lizzy, Andres’ younger sister who idolizes Matilde; Fabio Ide as Victor del Mundo, Matilde’s ex-boyfriend and owner of the bar where Andres works; and GMA-7’s "Trudis Liit", Jillian Ward as Jecjec, Andres’ naughty niece.

"Expect Andres de Saya episodes to be lively, colorful and sometimes, even musical as they are written by Manny Pavia and Ferdie Aguas under the creative supervision of Joseph Balboa and direction of Cesar Cosme.

"Carlo J. Caparas’s Andres de Saya airs every Saturday after 24 Oras Weekend beginning May 28 on GMA-7. It will launch internationally on June 4 in the Middle East and June 5 in the U.S. and Asia Pacific via GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Network’s flagship international channel."


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