Characters of Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenmann in Magic Palayok continue with their annulment proceedings

GMA-7’s Magic Palayok stars (from left) Carla Abellana, Geoff Eigenmann and Angeli Nicole Sanoy.


"This week, viewers can expect a lot of surprises and revelations as Cookie, the lovable owner of the magical claypot played by Angeli Nicole Sanoy continues her adventures and misadventures in GMA Network’s spellbinding telefantasya, Magic Palayok.

"No words can ever describe the happiness that Cookie is experiencing as his father James (Romnick Sarmenta) heals from his illness after all the obstacles and adversities that she encountered in search for the magical ingredients for the soup.

"James eventually discovers the cruelty of Yvonne (Cherie Gil) and Natasha (Chynna Ortaleza) towards his daughter. He explodes in anger but upon confronting Natasha, something stopped him from firing vindictive words to her.

"Once again, the evil plans of Yvonne and Natasha (Chynna Ortaleza) prevailed. The love potion that they prepared together with Sandok is effective as James finally falls in love with Natasha and does everything for her.


"Meanwhile, Nico’s (Jay-R) hopes are soaring high as he pursues to court Pilar (Carla Abellana) while her annulment process with Jude (Geoff Eigenmann) is ongoing. Desolation filled Nico when Pilar finally revealed that he is just a mere friend to her. Trying to ease Nico’s pain, Pilar puts her arms around him and consoles him not knowing that this action would be the answer to Jude’s confusion.

"Upon seeing them, Jude thinks that Pilar has finally moved on and there is no reason for him not to sign the annulment documents. Meanwhile, James and Natasha surprise the whole family as they disclose about their marriage.

"Together with her friends, Cookie does anything to hinder in their relationship. Will their plans succeed? Will there be a chance that Jude and Pilar save their marriage and love for each other? Will the dark secret of the love potion be revealed? Will Cookie get hold of the happy family that she’s been longing for?


"Magic Palayok airs weeknights on GMA Telebabad before 24 Oras."

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