Atty. Dong Puno and News5 head Luchi Cruz-Valdes will tackle divorce in NEWS5 Debates

Hosted by Atty. Dong Puno (left) and NEWS5 head Luchi Cruz-Valdes, TV5’s special debate will provide two opposing panels a venue to present the pros and cons of the issue.


"In a historic referendum last May, the people of Malta—a predominantly Catholic country like the Philippines—have voted to legalize divorce, leaving the Philippines the only country in the world that continues to ban it. Amidst parliamentary debates on the reproductive health bill and other polarizing issues that affect Filipino families in particular, a women’s sectoral group revived House Bill 1799 that proposes divorce in the Philippines, leaving a hanging question if the Philippines is indeed ready for it.

"Take part as NEWS5 Debates trails the road to clear the air and bring pressing issues to the fore. For its premier clash of opinions, "Hamon sa Pagbabago" will challenge the Filipinos to stand up and be informed about the latest issue that could possibly change the lives of many families—divorce. Hosted by two of the most recognized and veteran pillars of broadcasting, Atty. Dong Puno and NEWS5 head Luchi Cruz-Valdes, the special debate will provide two opposing panels a venue to present the pros and cons of the issue.

"In a no-holds-barred one-hour debate, the panel will attempt to out-reason each other to advance their beliefs and possibly influence the undecided group in the audience. As it aims to engage and inform the randomly selected undecided audience representing mainly those in the studio straddling on both sides of the issue, "Hamon sa Pagbabago" presents an audience response system (ARS) that will help the audience arrive at an informed and specific decision at the end of the episode—Panahon na ba ang divorce sa Pilipinas: Oo o hindi? During the episode, netizens can also take part and vote online via TV5 online news portal,

"Luchi Cruz-Valdes relates that NEWS5 Debates was born out of the need to discuss issues that matter to Filipinos. "NEWS5 always takes every issue to a whole new level by following it through positive action. Filipinos should always take a stand on the issue. ’Hamon sa Pagbabago’ will offer viewers two viewpoints and hopefully, after the program, a clearer perspective," the TV5 News and Information chief shared.


"NEWS5 Debates theme song was performed by three-time Palanca awardee and Radioactive Sago Project vocalist Lourd de Veyra. The lyrics of the song resonates a call to action and challenge every Filipino: makialam, huwag maging mangmang (take part and be informed).

"Do you think the Philippines is now ready for divorce? Tune in to TV5 this Sunday (June 26) at 10:45 pm as "Hamon sa Pagbabago" weighs in on today’s hottest issue."

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