GMA News TV launches new cooking show Idol Sa Kusina on July 3

Master Chef Pablo "Boy" Logro hosts Idol Sa Kusina, GMA News TV’s newest cooking show. From being a guest chef on the former QTV show Secrets of the Masters to head judge in GMA-7’s Kitchen Superstar, Chef Boy is excited to be hosting his own show. According to the production staff, it is due to insistent public demand that they got Chef Boy to host his very own show.


"Whether an aspiring chef or simply a food lover, viewers have another reason to be glued on television as GMA News TV whips up a season of mouthwatering dishes sprinkled with practical cooking tips and special techniques in Idol Sa Kusina.

"Hosted by Master Chef Pablo "Boy" Logro, Idol Sa Kusina is an entertaining and informative weekly cooking program that will showcase scrumptious cuisines. Together with the country’s in-demand celebrities, the new cooking show will also unfold topnotch kitchen skills and culinary secrets that will make cooking dishes effortless. Idol Sa Kusina airs beginning Sunday, July 3, on GMA News TV.

"Idol Sa Kusina is not your usual cooking show. Aside from being informative, the program is thoroughly entertaining. Chef Boy also has a flamboyant and interesting personality so viewers will surely have a great time as they learn from a master chef no less," says Gigi Santiago-Lara, GMA Network’s Assistant Vice President for Alternative Productions.

"Idol Sa Kusina is a fun show. It’s about the joys of cooking and having fun creating sumptuous dishes for you and your loved one to enjoy."

"Recently seen as the head judge of GMA 7’s Kitchen Superstar, Chef Boy Logro is a master chef in Oriental, Mediterranean and Western Cuisines. He finished international culinary training in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Singapore, and Japan. With his skills, he even ruled the royal kitchen of the Sultan of Oman.

"More so, Chef Boy has earned the distinction of being the very first Filipino to be named as an executive chef of a 5-star hotel in the country. He is also currently the president of the Hotel and Restaurant Chefs Association of the Philippines, and has his very own culinary school named CLICKS (Chef Logro Institute of Culinary and Kitchen Services).


"And in Idol Sa Kusina, Chef Boy is all set to share with the viewers his very own kitchen secrets as he prepares the weekly featured dishes. Lucky studio audience, meanwhile, will get to experience Chef Boy’s fun way of cooking and get to taste his awesome meals.

"Joining Chef Boy in Idol Sa Kusina’s premiere this Sunday are Eat, Bulaga! mainstays Paolo Ballesteros and Wally Bayola. Find out how Chef Boy’s special culinary methods and techniques transform ingredients into amazing Chinese dishes.

"Learn and experience an exciting culinary adventure in the new entertaining and informative cooking show Idol Sa Kusina every Sunday, 7PM, beginning July 3 on GMA News TV."

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