Why Marian Rivera is perfect as Marimar

Marian Rivera, the 22-year-old actress with Spanish blood, surprised showbiz aficionados when she auditioned and bagged the lead role in the GMA-7 soap opera Marimar.

When GMA-7 announced that it has bought the rights to the Mexican soap opera Marimar, the names of some of the most beautiful young stars in the network were proposed as the soap’s leading lady. When the Kapuso Network announced the name of the lady to play Marimar, the choice surprised even the most casual observers: They picked Marian Rivera.

Marian is, undoubtedly, a big gamble. The half-Spanish Marian is gorgeous, but she’s relatively a newbie in the business. Can she make Marimar GMA-7’s new primetime hit?

Whatever doubters may say, Marian has the full support and unwavering faith of her manager, Popoy Caritativo. She has what it takes to make it. Says Popoy:

"Her acting talent is very remarkable. She acts really well—having done sweet, good, evil, poor, teen girl, mother, and crazy roles with much credibility [and] all her past directors have been satisfied with her performances." This talent may have much to do with her intelligence. She learns very fast. "I always compare her to a sponge which takes in so much so fast. She is like that...she is always very eager to learn."


Marian’s attitude is also a big reason manager Popoy believes so much in her. She’s not a brat, a pa-star or pasaway. Like the fictional Marimar, she’s a good kid. "As a talent she is very obedient to me. She does what I tell her to because she trusts me one hundred percent. Whenever I tell her to do something, she does it no questions asked because she knows that I will always be after her good...she trusts me with all her heart."

Which is not to say that Marian is always a prim-and-proper angel. She can also be gregarious, galawgaw, mapang-asar, and very playful. But one thing you can never complain about her would be any lack of commitment to her work. "She doesn’t go out partying or in gimmicks. She just always stays at home. She takes her work seriously and makes it a point to do research on the roles that she portrays," Popoy adds.


With qualities like these, there’s no doubt that that GMA-7 made the right choice in choosing Marian. Marimar may make her the next important star and the next few months may change this girl’s life and even her values. It’s a possibility that, even at this stage, Popoy wants to prevent. "I always tell her to remain humble. That in spite of her growing popularity, she should remain who she is inside. I remind her that whenever she prays, aside from saying thank you to God for all the blessings, she should always pray for humility."


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