Double "Number 1" for GMA-7 and GMA News TV, based on Nielsen data

Last June, GMA News and Public Affairs anchor Jessica Soho was chosen by Reader’s Digest Asia as the most trusted news presenter in the Philippines for this year. She is joined by Reader’s Digest Asia Managing Director Christopher Axberg in this photo.


"It’s a double victory for GMA-7 and GMA News TV with GMA-7 remaining as the country’s leading television network and GMA News TV emerging as the no. 1 news channel nationwide. That’s according to the ratings data from the more widely-recognized ratings service provider Nielsen TV Audience Measurement.

"Full July household audience share data show that industry leader GMA Network continues to dominate nationwide, with 34.2 share points ahead of ABS-CBN’s 31.4.

"The Kapuso Network was also the runaway winner in Urban Luzon, 37.9 compared to ABS-CBN’s 26.6; and in Mega Manila, 38.5 compared to ABS-CBN’s 25.4.

"GMA News TV Channel 11, on the other hand, has established itself as the leading news channel in the country since its launch last February. GMA News TV’s July NUTAM 2.9 share points clearly outclassed ABS-CBN News Channel’s (ANC) 0.1 and Aksyon TV’s 0.3.

"The lead means 103,370 more households or 516,850 more TV viewers (based on an estimated average of 5 viewers per TV household) prefer GMA News TV over ANC; and 95,884 more households or 479,420 more TV viewers over Aksyon TV.

"The Kapuso news and public affairs channel also topped Urban Luzon with 3.4 share points compared to ANC’s 0.1 and Aksyon TV’s 0.4. The figures translate to 94,619 more households or 473,095 more TV viewers for GMA News TV over ANC; and 85,951 more households or 429,755 more TV viewers choosing GMA News TV over Aksyon TV.

"In Mega Manila, GMA News TV’s 3.8 share points is clearly ahead of ANC’s 0.1 and Aksyon TV’s 0.5. The margin means 81,336 more households or 406,680 more TV viewers tune in to GMA News TV over ANC; and 72,800 more households or 364,000 more TV viewers choose GMA News TV over Aksyon TV.


"Total day (6am-12mn) household audience share data from Aug. 1 to 25 (Aug. 21 to 25 based on overnight data), show GMA-7 keeping the no. 1 spot nationwide with 35 share points compared to ABS-CBN’s 31.2, which means 140,653 more households or 703,265 more TV viewers choosing the Kapuso Network over ABS.

"For the same period, GMA News TV also remained firmly at no. 1 nationwide among news channels with 2.8 share points compared to 0.1 for ANC and 0.3 for Aksyon TV. GMA News TV’s lead translates to 102,984 more households or 514,920 more TV viewers choosing GMA News TV over ANC; and 93,631 more households or 468,155 more TV viewers tuning in to the Kapuso news and public affairs channel over Aksyon TV.

"The first ever and only news and public affairs channel on Philippine VHF free TV, GMA News TV Channel 11 is powered by the only broadcast news organization in the Philippines that has won the prestigious Peabody Award and is bannered by the most respected names in broadcast journalism.

"The station’s flagship primetime newscast, "State of the Nation with Jessica Soho," is anchored by Peabody Award winner Jessica Soho who was recently honored by Reader’s Digest Asia with the "Most Trusted Television News Presenter Award." The newscast is becoming known for its exclusives such as the one-on-one interview with President Noynoy Aquino after he delivered his State of the Nation address.

"Investigative Discoveries, hosted by Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) Executive Director Malou Mangahas--with Sheila Coronel of Columbia University, Marites Vitug of Newsbreak and Ed Lingao of PCIJ as advisers--tackles the most compelling and relevant topics of the times including the much talked about Freedom of Information bill. Other GNTV programs include morning newscast NEWS TO GO, anchored by GMA News Online Editor Howie Severino and Kara David, another Peabody winner and Quick Response Team, GMA News TV’s unique on-ground newscast, anchored by award-winning reporter Jiggy Manicad.


"We are proud that GMA News TV, after only five months on the air, has truly stepped up to the challenge and has become a ratings leader," says GMA Network Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon. "We are doubly proud because the channel delivered and continues to deliver in terms of worthwhile content--credible and relevant news and information that enrich the lives of our viewers, help them become more socially aware, and provide them with the knowledge that may perhaps change their lives--and that of their families and communities--for the better. The double ratings victory for GMA-7 and GMA News TV inspires us to continue to work towards making a difference through quality programs and fair, balanced, responsible reporting."

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