Sarah Geronimo goes on a yacht date with Gerald Anderson; Sarah refers to Gerald as "babe"

Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo had a yacht date for the pilot episode of Sarah G Live, which aired its pilot episode last Sunday night.

For the opening number of her musical variety show, Sarah G Live, Sarah Geronimo emerged wearing a futuristic looking outfit with shimmering silver accents and knee-high boots.

After performing a series of energetic song numbers, Sarah went backstage and came out wearing a knee-length high dress cinched at the waist with a red belt. The Popstar Princess was walking towards the audience as she gave her opening spiel: "Magandang gabi ulit sa inyong lahat! I love you all!"

Suddenly, she tripped a little as she stepped on to the platform of the stage. But she caught herself on time as she continued: "This is it! Woohoo! Una po sa lahat, taos pusong akong nagpapasalamat sa inyong lahat for being here at pag welcome sa first episode ng Sarah G Live."

She admitted, "Dream come true po talaga ito. Asahan nyo po na lalo kong gawing special ang Sunday night family bonding ninyo."

Sarah then introduced her co-host Luis Manzano whom she described as the "Pambansang Lucky Charm." Luis then came out and gave the singer-actress a bouquet of flowers. Sarah took this time to congratulate Luis who was seen last Saturday, February 25, as the new host of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal.

Derek Ramsay was then introduced as the special guest for the pilot episode. Sarah described him as the "hottest hunk in town."

SIGE GO ADVENTURE ON A YACHT. At this point, Sarah was asked about her so-called "Sige Go Adventures" with Gerald Anderson.

The singer-actress explained, "Yung Sige Go, itong ang chance ko na magawa at ma-experience yung mga gusto kong gawin dati pa...mga adventures na gustong gawin. Tulad ng una naming ginawa: ang mag-cruise sakay ang isang yacht! Feeling rich!"

A video of Sarah at the CCP complex was then shown wherein the TV host invited everyone to join her for her first yacht adventure. Meanwhile, Gerald Anderson also shot his own video on the yacht and he told viewers: "Nandito ako ngayon sa napaka romantic na Manila Bay dahil may gusto akong i-surprise, siyempre, siya si Baby Girl, si Sarah Geronimo."

When Sarah entered the Captain’s cabin, she shrieked as soon as she saw her leading man in the movie Won’t Last A Day Without You.

Gerald told Sarah, "Welcome to my [yacht]. Meron akong post-Valentine date para sa iyo."

Sarah immediately said, "Ayoko nga sabi nun, e!"

The two stars were then shown grilling some hotdogs onboard the yacht. While sitting down for a meal, Sarah asked Gerald directly: "Kamusta naman ang estado ng puso mo ngayon?"


Gerald answered, "Okay naman, steady lang siya ngayon. Masaya naman."

When he asked Sarah about her own love life, Sarah admitted, "Masaya kasi okay na."

The ABS-CBN actor asked Sarah to rate her happiness and she candidly said, "Nine [out of ten] kasi kumpleto naman ang pamilya ko. Healthy ang bawat isa saka blessed ako sa career ko. Nakakakilala ako ng mga bagong kaibigan at isa ka na doon."

A brief video clip even showed Sarah and Gerald holding hands as they talked and joked with each other.

Onboard, the two stars also took the time to do videoke. Sarah says about Gerald: "May mga similarities rin kami pagdating sa taste namin sa music."

When Sarah asked Gerald to choose a song that would describe how he felt at that time, Gerald held Sarah’s hand as he sang the line: "You are so beautiful to me..."

For their duet, Sarah chose the song "If I Was the One." Gerald started singing the song while Sarah kept on looking for another song choice in a songbook. Sarah then suddenly blurted out, "Hanap lang ako, babe."

In response, Gerald stopped singing and asked Sarah: "Anong sabi mo?"

A visibly flustered Sarah tried to argue that the word ’babe’ came from the lyrics of the song but Gerald insisted, "Walang ’babe’ diyan!"

Sarah kept on pushing and joking around with Gerald as she tried to cover up her embarrassment.

SARAH’S IDEAL GUY. As they both sat down for dinner, Gerald took this opportunity to ask Sarah about the qualities that she is looking for in a guy.

The young actress pointed out, "Basta mahal ako. Basta respectful. Kahit hindi kasing gwapo mo. Delikado po ang mga ganitong mukha kasi chick boy."

Gerald retaliated by asking Sarah, "Porke’t may itsura ang lalaki, chick boy na agad?"

Sarah emphasized, "Hindi ka may itsura. Gwapo ka. You’re beautiful."

Gerald turned the table on Sarah and described her as "Ikaw si Ms. Very Beautiful Girl in the World. Alam mo naming totoo yun, e."

Sarah smiled but she kept on saying, "Shut up!"

Gerald handed Sarah a big bouquet of red roses before they mimicked the famous pose of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic. They even tried ballroom dancing as Gerald lowered Sarah into a dip.



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