GET THE LOOK: Maja Salvador's retro-inspired summer look

IMAGE Monching Jaramillo

In the photo, Maja Salvador is wearing a retro-inspired outfit, which could be your peg for your summer getaways. Just be careful in choosing the clothes you’ll mix and match because too much detail hurts— not only for you but also for the people you’ll mingle with.

Summer is here!

It's the best time of the year to show off your gorgeous curves while having fun under the sun.

But of course, what you will wear matters— either to add a bubbly vibe or to make heads turn as you pass by.

Why not try to prep up a retro look, inspired by Maja Salvador during her Sun Cellular TVC shoot.

Here she’s wearing an abstract printed sleeveless top, paired with a bright yellow skirt and hot pink strap heels.

She even looked fresh with her hair-down big-waves 'do, accentuated with bright-colored accessories.

GO BRIGHT. The brighter, the better— that was a popular fashion mantra back in the '80s, and thanks to seasonal retro fads still works to this day.

So, if you want to have that retro feel as you walk through the park or take a tour around different tourist spots, wear something bright like a pleated neon skirt.

But remember, you should consider your body type in choosing the cut of that skirt. Choose something that will make your legs look lean, and your booty sexy.

That cute skirt could be paired with a top with a sweetheart neckline.

Make your look a bit more edgy by wearing neon-colored flats, which match the color of your skirt, top or better if both.

Of course, accessorize a bit to match the color of your outfit. A simple bracelet, earrings, and shades will do as not to clutter your look.

GO FOR PRINTS. You don’t always need to wear skirts to look girly, especially if you’re going to the beach.


You can still look “kikay” even you’re wearing shorts— especially if they're short shorts.

Actually, this feels even more comfortable since you’re freer to move, making it easier to take a plunge at whim.

Another popular trend during the ‘80s was wearing prints— the louder, the groovier!

So, you can pair the shorts with a printed top.

But remember, sometimes too much print can actually make you look smaller or bigger. Let your eyes be the judge.

Since you’re heading to the beach, better wear flip-flops or strapped flat sandals. Of course they’re flat, how will you run on the white sand or by the poolside if you’re wearing heels?

Don’t forget that trendy pair of shades to protect your eyes and cleverly guise your boy-watching sprees.

Since you’re going to swim, better leave your trinkets in your bag. You wouldn’t want your pretty accessories damaged by the heat of the sun or salt/chlorinated water.

No matter what you’re wearing, as always, your bright smile and hearty laugh will always make you prettier no matter what.

Enjoy the summer, everyone!





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