10 interesting hugot posts on Instagram of Maja Salvador, Maine Mendoza, Jessy Mendiola, etc.

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Maja Salvador, Maine Mendoza, and Jessy Mendiola—much like everyone—have hugot posts about love and life on their respective Instagram accounts.

Every once in a while, some of our favorite celebrities post an interesting quote on their Instagram.

Naturally, if the message is somewhat cryptic or related to an issue in one way or another, netizens will assume "may pinapatamaan" or "may pinagdadaanan."

But hey, more often than not, these celebrities are not on hate mode. They just want to share insights (aka hugot) on life, love, and career.

On love: Chynna Ortaleza tweaks the phrase "falling in love."

I had a dream.. ??

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xx pm > am | from hanx xx

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#WALANGFOREVER #sareh #mmff #naipushpaeh ???? See you tom!??

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Despite the changes, Xian Lim reminds us never to forget the things that made who you are now.

On finding happiness: For Jessy Mendiola, part of the search for happiness is cutting out people who don't want you to be happy to begin with.

Always keep in mind that every single thing that will make you happy, is your choice, no one elses.

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Meanwhile, as the pesimisstic optimistic bella, Maine Mendoza believes there is no such thing as a "negative thought."

Listening to yourself is part of understanding yourself.

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On making decisions: Growing up means making decisions. This usually involves people who have opinions on what decision you should make.

But Jasmine Curtis Smith reminds us that despite all the voices around you, the final decision is yours to make.

Matteo Guidicelli has a simple rule on this matter, though.


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On staying real: Your decisions reflect the kind of person you are, so it's okay not to be afraid to be yourself.

Maja Salvador posts her definition of authenticity.

Ellen Adarna challenges everyone to be real.

So PEPsters, a penny for your thoughts?





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