Piolo Pascual thanks KC Concepcion for showing him the "true meaning of love"

Piolo Pascual considers this Valentine's Day to be very special because he gets to celebrate it with his special someone. KC Concepcion watched his February 14 concert at the PICC with Piolo's mother, Mommy Amy.

Piolo Pascual almost didn't get to finish his speech about KC Concepcion during his concert last night, February 14, at the PICC. This was because he got teary-eyed while talking about his girlfriend who was seated beside his mother, Mommy Amy.

The actor-singer was singing "Ikaw ang Pangarap" when he suddenly decided to go down the stage and approach KC, who was wearing a short red dress.

Piolo knelt in front of KC as he sang the theme song of his previous ABS-CBN fantaserye with Angel Locsin, Lobo. After the song, they both hugged and Piolo returned to the stage to talk about KC.

"When I was thinking about the lyrics of that song, I realized there's just one dream that I've always wanted to fulfill: to be with that special someone," he began.

"I've always been single most of my life. I'm giving love a chance. I've always been a private person. My admission on The Buzz was nerve-wracking. I had to stand up for somebody... somebody who's really..."

Piolo suddenly interrupted himself by saying, "Naiiyak ako..."

He then continued: "Somebody who's been there, who showed me the true meaning of love. Thank you, Kristina."

The audience cheered loudly as Piolo addressed KC by her real name, which is Kristina Cassandra.

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THE CONCERT. Maestro Ryan Cayabyab, more popularly known as Mr. C, showcased his piano skills throughout the night as Piolo sang cuts from his Decades album as well as theme songs of his past shows.

Yeng Constantino and Sitti were the special guests for the concert titled Piolo Meets the Maestro. The Ryan Cayabyab Singers also sang special numbers for the concert.

One of the highlights of the concert was the "soliloquy" composed of songs of by the Beatles. Beforehand, Mr. C explained that a soliloquy means "pagninilay-nilay" or "pagmumuni-muni" in Filipino.


Piolo then did his monologue about his love for a girl, which was interspersed with songs of the famous British rock band.

FIRST VALENTINE. After the concert, members of the media waited backstage for a chance to talk to Piolo.

"It's the first time I celebrated Valentine's with someone. It's really a blessing," he admitted.

When PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked why he became teary-eyed as he spoke about KC Concepcion during the concert, he quickly answered: "Hindi ko rin alam, e. Hindi ko naman ine-expect yun. I just wanted to say a few words to thank her. Nadala siguro. Whatever came out, it came from the heart. Kaya siguro naging emotional ako."

What does KC say about the concert?

"I haven't talked to her," said Piolo. "Actually, for the encore kanina, I was looking for her because people kept calling her name and asking for her. Pero nung pinuntahan ko na siya sa opening, that's it.

"I don't want to be showbiz as it is. Showbiz na kami pareho. Even siya, pinapalayo nga niya ako. She really came to be in the audience, just to watch and not to work. Sa akin, malaking regalo na 'yon."

Do they have plans to have a late-dinner date after the concert?

"Sa amin na lang 'yon," he said with a smile.

In one of his spiels during the show, Piolo mentioned that one of his dreams is to settle down. His declaration elicited shrieks from the crowd.

Are they ready to take things to the next level?

"Whatever it is, let's just go with the flow. We don't want to preempt things. Whatever KC and I have, yun na yun. Whatever you guys see, just support and pray. Let's not try to be ahead of what we have. Pray with us and pray for us."


CONCERT WITH THE MAESTRO. Piolo has done a lot of concerts in the past but he considers this one to be very special for his career.

"This is one of my most memorable shows ever. I was looking at the PICC... I never thought I would be able to perform here for my own solo show. This is a dream come true.

"I'm really happy sa outcome. First time nga na may nag-standing ovation sa akin at first time na may [sumigaw ng] 'More!' It's really momentous and I'm really excited kasi na-boost ang morale ko," he said.

Piolo Meets the Maestro will tour North America this March.

The ABS-CBN actor revealed, "I'm doing a six-city tour. I'm doing Connecticut; Chicago; Tampa, Florida; Virginia; Oregon and Toronto, Canada."





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