KC Montero considers relationship with Rhian Ramos "less stressful"

KC Montero appears to have a good relationship with Rhian Ramos’s mom, Mrs. Clara Ramos Howell. "We like to spend time in her [Rhian’s] house in Alabang, I like hanging out with her mom. Siyempre wala ‘kong nanay dito. And I like hanging out with her mom ‘cause she’s very fun," he says.

They refuse to make it official, but KC Montero and Rhian Ramos are now very open about their "special relationship."

Both coming off well-publicized breakups with their former partners, the couple is taking their time and would only admit to dating each other exclusively.

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) had a chat with KC Montero last Thursday, October 25, at Las Flores Gastrobar, One McKinley Place, where Cuervo Moments (of tequila brand Jose Cuervo) was also introduced to a few members of the media.

When asked about how he is, KC gave a brief but meaningful reply, “Okay na. Ayos naman. Happy.”

In a recent interview with PEP, Rhian’s mom, Clara Ramos Howell, only had good words to say about KC. (CLICK HERE to read related article.)

KC explained, “Well, I treat her daughter with respect and I wanna take care of her [Rhian]."

What are the moments he and Rhian and enjoy the most together?


“We like hanging out together, we like to go to the mall to watch movies, we like to watch TV together. We don’t go out.

“Si Rhian tonight is just supporting me. She’s not even really a drinker. She’s here to help me tonight.”

In contrast to Rhian’s last relationship, KC appears to have a very good relationship with Mommy Clara.

“We like to spend time in her [Rhian’s] house in Alabang, I like hanging out with her mom. Siyempre wala ‘kong nanay dito [sa Pilipinas].

“And I like hanging out with her mom ‘cause she’s very fun.

"I borrowed a bike for her birthday and I got a bike also so we could go bike-riding,” he related.

CAREER ADVICE. Does she get to give Rhian advice about her career?

“For me, ako naman, I’ll tell her kung ito yung opinion ko.

"Sa career niya, it’s her decision. I don’t try to tell her what to do.


“It’s her career talaga and she has people to tell her what is right and wrong.

"Ako lang, opinion lang. And whether she wants to take that or not, it’s up to her.

“But I will never force my opinion or force her to do something. It’s not my way of doing things.

“She’s a very good actress, she’s a very good person, and she knows what she’s doing,” KC said.

Can he say that this is a "less-stressful relationship" than his previous one?

“Yeah, I’m less stressed. Very good,” he answered.

BEHIND THE SCENES. Though he is better known as a media personality, KC is busy with many other things outside of showbiz.

What are the things he’s busy with right now?

“Other than TV and radio, we own a retail company, Team Manila, then Phi Bar, Trilogy.

“I have a social media platform, micromedia agency, it’s a digital agency. There’s a lot that I’m doing, podcasts.


“So siyempre, minsan I’m not seen naman sa TV, di ba? Pero behind the scenes naman ako.

"So there’s other world other than TV. There’s the world that moves TV, I’m part of that.

“I think TV is fun, I don’t really need it but it’s fun lang,” he said.


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