Party Pilipinas ordered by MTRCB to issue public apology over controversial dance number

Provocative or not? Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino’s opening act for Party Pilipinas on January 27 drew different reactions from its viewers. Based on the complaints and further investigation, the MTRCB ordered to put the program on a six-month probation.

GMA-7’s weekly musical-variety show, Party Pilipinas, is expected to issue a public apology on newspapers tomorrow, February 9, and on the show itself this Sunday, February 10.

This is in accordance to the order of the Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB), which found the opening act of its January 27 episode as “sexually-charged scene.”

The segment involved Yesterday’s Bride stars Rocco Nacino and Lovi Poe doing a sexy dance number in the episode titled "Ssshh."

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In the latest statement release by the MTRCB today, February 8, it was mentioned that GMA Network admitted “indiscretion and failure to self-regulate committed by the program Party Pilipinas.”

Here is the full ruling of MTRCB about the issue:

“After hearing on 05 February 2013 GMA Network’s admission of the indiscretion and failure to self-regulate committed by the program Party Pilipinas in regard to its 27 January 2013 episode (showcasing a sexually-charged opening number), the MTRCB’s Ad Hoc Adjudication Committee, in gist, ruled on 07 February 2012 as follows:

“1. While appreciating GMA Network’s owning up to its responsibility as regards such program that had been given a PG rating, the Committee found the need for the said network to assure the public that there will be no repetition of the said incident. Thus, the network is required to broadcast in the next episode of Party Pilipinas on 10 February 2013 a PUBLIC APOLOGY in a tenor approved by the MTRCB via a full-screen audio and video advisory, plus a public proclamation of its undertaking to comply with the ADDITIONAL MEASURES listed below.


“2. The same public apology shall be PUBLISHED IN A NEWSPAPER OF GENERAL CIRCULATION on or before date of said episode.

“3. The network is required to submit to the MTRCB it’s final report on the internal investigation alleged to have been commenced by the former within 15 days from 07 February 2013, including the resolution of the network on the matter plus any further undertakings. The said report will serve as basis either for the ultimate termination of the case or another public apology as may be necessary after due evaluation.

“4. The program Party Pilipinas is placed ON PROBATION, on a
PER-EPISODE BASIS, for a period of SIX (6) MONTHS. (This means that any violation of MTRCB-enforced law, rules, and regulations shall mean placing the program off the air, without prejudice to other sanctions.)

“5. Concerned officials and personnel of the network responsible for the show, including but not limited to Jose Mari Abacan (VP for
Programming), Mark Reyes V (Director of the program), and Lui Cadag (Executive Producer), SHALL UNDERGO GENDER AND DEVELOPMENT (GAD) TRAINING under the supervision of the MTRCB no later than the end of March 2013. This is meant to enable the program to effectively engage in self-regulation in terms of gender sensitivity.

“The same 07 February 2013 ruling provides that failure to comply with any of the above directives and undertakings shall subject the network to such appropriate sanctions as may be determined by the Ad Hoc Adjudication Committee.

“The ruling was served upon GMA Network on 07 February 2013, on or about 4:30 pm.

“The MTRCB wishes to express it’s appreciation over the candor,
maturity, and cooperation of GMA Network during the entire process.


“The Ad Hoc Adjudication Committee is composed of BM Noel R. del Prado (Chairperson), BM Ma. Carmen S. Musngi and BM Jose E. Romero IV.”





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